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May 20th 2009, 08:35
here the start of my german look square just spent the last 2 months rebuilding the frame head and replacing alkl the suspension and brake parts just got my rotors and drums redrilled and test fitting my 16' phone dials

still got a long way to go plan on add bug eyes so i can install early 911 lens, irs conversion, and a color change







May 20th 2009, 08:42
Hi do you plan on lowering? if so pleaze re inforce the bottom mounts on the beam as they are liable to be ripped off if you hit a bump at speed.
If you plan on 4 wheel discs I would suggest a Golf master cylinder its almost a straight fit

May 20th 2009, 10:10
i going to lower it a little cant get to crazy with it here. the roads are so bad and the speed bumps here are like mountains. I want to put big reds all the way around but i have a lot of other things to do before i get to that point.

I just got to take one thing at a time. thanks for the info.

when i rebuilt the frame head i used 1/8 steel should stiffen up the ride alot.






May 20th 2009, 16:54
Oh nice! I'll be keeping an eye on your project, I'd love to see a GL square. There's a special place in my heart for fast wagons :) Keep us updated!

May 24th 2009, 19:57
finally getting to the end everything is back together greased the front end put it back on the ground. just need to put the tank in and do up so little thing car should be rolling today

12mm spacers i had made

the wheel guides are inner tie rods from my polo classic that i just cut down



June 10th 2009, 04:45
Hi do you plan on lowering? if so pleaze re inforce the bottom mounts on the beam as they are liable to be ripped off if you hit a bump at speed.
If you plan on 4 wheel discs I would suggest a Golf master cylinder its almost a straight fit

Hi Armand,

Show these folks your wicked GermanLook Fastback :lmao:

July 29th 2009, 07:09
Hello All
just rounded up most of my parts for stage 2 of my rebuild.

944 alum rear trailing arms
944 spring plates
944T axles and CV's
944 front hubs
cross drilled rotors front and rear
944t 4 pot front calipers
911 C4 alum 2 pot caliper that i am going to use on the rear
944 master cylinder
944 rear sway bar and mounting hard ware.

So once i start on this i will start posting pic of the progress.

I seen lots of info on this kind of set up on supers but very few on typ3's

Any input would be nice before i start My biggest question is with the sway bar i got the 14mm rear and plan on getting the sway a way for the front. not sure how much tuning i have to do to get them dialed in just have to wait and see.

July 29th 2009, 07:29
Hi Kombi,

Have you checked the front/rear brake bias? That will depend on the piston sizes in the front and rear calipers and whether you have the later stepped m/c.

I would have thought a good starting point would be 944T or 928S4 rear 4 pots to compliment the fronts plus a 19/19 m/c.

Also, have a look at what Whiteline suggest for the type 3 in respect of sway bars. Leaving the front standard with the 14mm 944 rear sway bar might induce a little more oversteer than you might be used to. Its not likely to be much but most modern car manufacturers dial in understeer as a safety feature. You might need to add a piggyback bar at the front.


July 29th 2009, 11:28
thanks for your input..... I was thinking about the 4 pot for the rear also but thought it might be a little over kill. the master i have is stepped 23/18 i think

So far i have found no info on the bars whiteline covers bugs only And sway a way has no info to offer. I guess its something i have to play with. the sway a way front bar is 19mm i guess i try the 14mm rear with that.

I guess i'll have to try it out and see what works. well I still need to round up a trans and a few other parts before i start the step.

Its just going to be nice getting ride of the swing axle to start with

July 29th 2009, 13:34
The Porsche stepped cylinder superseded the 19/19 944 original m/c to decrease the braking to the rear to provide more front bias on what was a heavy front engined car. If you fit that stepped cylinder then in a rear heavy type 3 you will have much too much front bias. You could try and swap the lines over so that the larger piston feeds the 4 pots but that would seem to be a retrograde step as your spec is quite exotic for the front and much less so for the rear. can you measure the caliper piston diameters? The fronts will be dual size.

Isn't the standard front sway bar 19mm already? Having installed a 944 14mm rear bar to a 1303 super I don't really expect a huge transformation as the operating angles don't really stress the bar enough so you could try it with the standard front and take it from there. I certainly wouldn't bother buying a Swayaway until you have tried the rear bar first. Whats the difference in dimensions on the sway bars for a bug and a Type 3? I know the type 3 torsion bars fit the super so I guess that there will be very little difference. If so, talk to Whiteline I'm sure they will be able to suggest a combination of bug front and rear bars that will give you the handling you're looking for.


July 29th 2009, 13:38
Hi Kombi,

Have I dropped a bollock? Isn't your type 3 a swing axle rear? If so sway bars don't work - sorry!


July 29th 2009, 19:39
Hello All
just rounded up most of my parts for stage 2 of my rebuild.

944 alum rear trailing arms
944 spring plates
944T axles and CV's944 front hubs
[/B] but very few on typ3's


Soo I'm taking that he will be Doing a Convertion...


July 29th 2009, 22:06
well right now theirs no sway bars on the car it was a option on early type3 to have them. I'm looking at every possible spec on 1303. the square is a very heavy car compared to a 1303. I'm sure It will get me close If any thing i can get the sway way kit front and rear that might be a safer route and just use the 944 mounts. Well that all optional i guess the main thing is getting rolling on the arms first

And YES At the moment the car is a swing axle the why i doing this conversion to get rid of the swing and go irs. that and i really do not care for the re drilled vw rotors they work for now. But if i going germann look then i might as well do it right.

With the master i just get a extra 19/19 So there no problems just to be safe.
who knows if i can find another killer deal on rear 4pots it might get them there as well.

thanks everyone for all the inputs everything helps

July 30th 2009, 07:37
Hi Kombi,

Just a thought on the rear calipers. If you look for 928S4 rears you might find them cheaper than the 944T ones although they are the same.


September 11th 2009, 10:59
Well its been a while now. And i Have spent a lots of time on Ebay and a but load of cash but I have gotten almost all my parts for the square.

944 alum trailing arms
944 front hubs
944t axles
944t 4 pot front and rear calipers
944 spring plates and end covers
944 alum master one 19/19 and one 19/24?
911 flag style mirrors
911/928 4 spoke steering wheel leather
911 headlight bezel
911 Nos Bosch euro lens
All the west coast metric rubber for the car.

a gallon or so of por15 some weld threw primer

and a lot of other little things

just waiting for everything to show up sea freight now so i can start the IRS conversion and install all the 944 parts then its on to installing all the NOS body panels.

as soon as i get started i will add pics of the project.

September 11th 2009, 19:18
I'm doing a GL T3, and it appears that the aluminum arms will increase the rear track too much.
No big deal, just use 924/944 N/A arms, axles, stubs.
Unless you want to flare the fenders...
Or chop the torsion housing and tub it, or something radical..

September 12th 2009, 03:01
that what i need is a wider track on the arm i have 16 phone dials off a 928 with a offset of 65 and running a thick spacer already 20mm with those arm i will almost eliminate the need for the spacer i hope just have to wait and see i guess...

February 11th 2010, 08:02
started doing the front brakes now

hubs machined



bearing adapter and sleeve using vw inner and 944 outer

vw race installed

vw inner bearing and 944 outer bearing

test fitting hubs and rotors

test fitting calipers to see what i need to made for a adapter to mount them



used the mounting tab off of a set of 944 spindles just welded them to the stock vw spindles