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May 25th 2009, 10:01
To get this site back up and running, several people donated time and money.
To keep it running we have set up a system. An ad banner or banner/forum section combo can be bought for an annual fee. Alex will be the contact for this. If a shop or vendor would like to sponsor our site with an ad package, contact Alex via PM or email admin@germanlook.net .
I have set up a paypal account just for the sites donations. I will keep a running total posted for money in and out of the account. This way members can see when funds are put in and when they are spent and what they are spent on. I do not have all of the info for the start up expenses so we will start from when the paypal account was opened. A donation icon/link has been installed on the main page.

To date we have a balance of $0.00

Thank you to Bug@5speed for $50.
Thank you PeteVW for $100
Thank you Steve C for $10
Thank you Volkdent for $100
Thank you again Volkdent $75
Thank you Michael Maggrah $40 CAD
Hosting fees paid 04/2011 - $110
Domain name renewed 01/2012 - $21
Thank you Xellex for $10
Hosting fees paid 04/2013 -$110
Domain name renewal 03/2014 - $23 (2 years)
Hosting fees paid 04/2015 - $110
Domain name renewed - $30 (2 years)

Thank you for your donations.

May 25th 2009, 12:22
I'll update this thread in the next couple of days with the donations for the startup expenses.


June 25th 2009, 08:44
The Paypal add. is

I will keep a running total of the account in this thread. Also will keep a list of what comes in and goes out of the account.

January 13th 2012, 15:52
Domain name renewed for 2 years. - $21.00

April 29th 2013, 07:27
2013 hosting paid. Balance updated.

April 29th 2013, 19:50

July 24th 2013, 20:46
Is the Paypal address still the same? I need to help keep this going, it has helped me too much to not appreciate...

July 25th 2013, 04:37
Yes. dave@dtmengineering.com.

March 15th 2014, 08:56
Domain name renewed for 2 years.

January 25th 2016, 16:25
Sorry for the late update on hosting renewal. I renewed the site hosting plan for a year a few months back and just renewed the domain name for 2 years. The site fund is past zero. I gladly covered the small shortage.

May 18th 2016, 01:50
Lemme know when it's time for more funds please.


May 20th 2016, 15:34
Sent you a little something by paypal to help out..........

November 27th 2017, 19:41
Wahoo! The site is back!

Can we get some updated Nov 2017 information on where to send donations to keep it running? I'd like to help support, and I know there are others who would too.

Thanks again!


December 2nd 2017, 15:56
Hi Dave,
I was able to complete the software upgrades, and move the site to it's own hosting account. It's ~$450 to host for the next year, including $250 for the Vbulletin upgrade, and around $200 for hosting, with email support, and an SSL certificate, that I'll work on next.

The new paypal account address is: admin@germanlook.net



December 5th 2017, 10:24
Just sent you a small present:)
Its better to have a small amount already than looking for it


December 5th 2017, 12:05
Thank you, I received your contribution on the new paypal account (admin@germanlook.net). I'll match your donation, to make up for not contributing enough in the past, so we're down to $250 remaining, for the next year of hosting.

December 5th 2017, 21:15
Just sent in $125.

Cheers, thanks for getting us back up and running!

December 5th 2017, 21:46
Good to see it back up and running. Did you get the donate button fixed? I don't know where it was directed before but I don't think it worked.

December 5th 2017, 22:39
I still need to update the banner, but it's disabled/broken so we should be in good shape for now. Thanks for the help!

December 5th 2017, 22:41
Thanks owldvr, I received your donation. So we are down to $125 left to host it through next year.

December 12th 2017, 00:08
Volkdent contributed $75, so we are down to $50 for hosting in 2018.

Thanks everyone!

Steve C
December 19th 2017, 05:18

Can you post details for a donations? Its great to be back, I missed this place, thanks to everyone that got it going again. Facebook is OK but important information gets lost there.


December 19th 2017, 22:02
Sure, it's in this thread. PayPal address is admin@germanlook.net.


January 9th 2018, 14:38
Greenman donated $50 AU, so we should be good for 2018!

Thanks all!

January 16th 2018, 00:42
Nice! Thanks for helping out everyone.

January 31st 2018, 16:49
Hi everyone, question, how do I make a paypal payment. I only see an e-mail link.

January 31st 2018, 20:22
Hi Effvee, the PayPal address is: admin@germanlook.net


July 21st 2018, 01:33
Hey Admins, we've got a new guy trying to sign up and can't seem to get registered. Anyone want to take care of this? Username: eskamobob1 and the email he used is joe94@ymail.com

July 22nd 2018, 08:28
I need to add a plug-in to the site, to support captcha v2. I should have some time later tonight, but it might take a day or two as our software is really old.

FYI for those registering for accounts: You should be able to view almost everything without an account. An account should only be needed to post, or to view pics stored here (most aren't).


July 22nd 2018, 17:55
Yeah, he's read everything he can, and wants to start posting. Waaaaay easier to have a thread here than answer questions on reddit for him. :P

July 22nd 2018, 23:02
No problem, I just installed the latest plug-in, and it appears to have fixed the registration issues. I wondered why I didn't see hundreds of fake (bot generated) accounts waiting for approval :)

June 19th 2020, 14:10
Just sent $100.
Let me know if you didn't get it.
Keep this place alive!
And thanks to everyone who stepped up to save our cultural heritage. :-P

June 19th 2020, 22:57
Got it. Thank you!

June 23rd 2020, 03:48
How much more do you need?