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July 20th 2009, 00:59
Alright guys... i have to aplogise (spelling) for the long wait for the pics. but my memory cars took a crap on me, so i had to wait to get the ol pay check to get another to upload the pics of my super. after all the good resposce and support ive gotten already from just my into... ive been full steam ahed on this car with what my tight buget will allow!

i got the car for $500 with a "supposidly" rebuilt 1600/ and trans. so after diggin thru the glove box, turns out the guy was tellin thr truth, but the motor is not REALLY now.. it got like 20k on it since the last rebuild, but soon ill be puttin in a type 4 when funds allow. but will be a good motor to get me around with. the car did not start when i got it, and as to why the very car-retarted previous owner sold the car. after some testing this and that, looking on the samba threads, i found out their was like 3 problem ALL having to do with why the car whould not start. first off the seat belt interlock relay was bad, so i jumped that...fixed. next issue being that the plastic ignition switch behind the tumbler was bad, fixed that, then the dizzy clamp was so streached out the dizzy would just pull strait out, fixed that. next the points where soo bad they had holes on both sides of the contact points, fixed that. lastly the fuel pump is bad, so im gonna get a block off plate for the block and just run a electric pump, i still have to get a pump and block off plate. but other than that, ive put cas in the bowl of the carb and all works and it does start now.

i was gonna wait on the body work and what not, but after seeing the color and how i hate it soo bad, i said F it and im gonna do a full inside and out respray. plus this will be my winter car cause my poor (rusty) 58 rag will not last another salt lake winter. it ate my car last winter, so i might as well get all the rust repair outta the way now and have a good solid car to start off with. really the only rust on this car is the usual spot on the heater channel behind the front wheel, and of corse the darn "C" pillers are gone too. so thanks to my roomate, we got a doner 73' standard bug that we are using as a doner for my car and some for his as well. well ill quit blabbing on now and get to the pics!!


July 20th 2009, 01:08

heres me and my roomates line up of just our bugs. from left tp right
-75 standard, parts car
-74 super, mine
-67 bug, my rooates with all the gard to find cal look goodies. its got a 1915cc motor, OG empi GVT steering wheel, OG gene berg shifter, drop spindles, 2 inch narrowed, build trans. its your avrave cal look that all the cali guys drool over!
-58 ragtop, my car.

there is also a 67 bug thats also my roomates that where redoing, and two busses also not pictured that are as well my roomates. AND my choptop too....think we have an obsession??? LOL

July 20th 2009, 08:26
Looks like you have your hands full for now. The C piller was a rust magnet when they started to shoot foam in them. I had to have mine repaired too. Be sure to get all the foam out of there.

July 20th 2009, 10:07
oh i know.. and yes your right... i got all the foam out of their! just doesnt show it in the pics! i still have the other side to do yet , but i had to bacially undo the pinch weld (rain gutter) and then rebuild it when putting the two pices back togather! it was time consumming, but well worth it. as you can see in the pics... the previous owner thought bando was used for filling all sorts of rust, AND holes! UGH... i cant tell you HOW many things ive seen shaved and muded over with all the vws ive done. i swar...every vw has to have that ONE owner that thinks bando is the magiacal mud over anything and call it good!

July 20th 2009, 17:47
I agree, mine was quite puddied up when I tore it all apart :)

July 21st 2009, 09:49
If one has to do a repair on the C-Pillar anyway, the foam is relatively easy to get rid of ... however, what can you do if the C-Pillar is currently okay but you still want to get rid of the foam? I thought I read of something that would take care of it somehow, but I didn't pay close enough attention since it was not an issue with the car I had at the time.

July 21st 2009, 22:42
You can do your best to scrape it out from the engine bay (make a long scraper) then shoot some rust killer up in there.

Steve C
July 22nd 2009, 01:43
You can do your best to scrape it out from the engine bay (make a long scraper) then shoot some rust killer up in there.

Old coat hangers make good scrapers.


July 22nd 2009, 11:00
Hmmm, I thought I read something somewhere once upon a time that there was a solvent that basically dissolved the foam, and at that point one could inject rust-proofing, etc. Unfortunately, it ... was ... such ... a ... long ... time ... ago ...

I just don't remember where I read it.

July 22nd 2009, 12:34
I remember acetone but I am not sure if I recall correctly :lmao:

Would like to know for sure because I really like to get rid of that stuff too. Few weeks back some of it caught fire when I was welding something. Lot's of smoke and a really bad smell. Think the fire got rid of most of it but I am not planning on using the same method on the other side......

July 23rd 2009, 01:36
hahahah... ya mine had some fires tooo! LOL. i was kinda worried cause i still have a full interior in my car...LOL! i had some water on hand just incase something went south.

UPDATE: so ive been workin on a friends car. im shaving the bumper on his 20th ann. golf gti. so i havnt had the time to really touch the super in a day or two. but by the end of the week i hope to be back on it again. i DID decide on a color tho.... Audi Nimbus Gray. i think it will look hott with smoked tails, black rims, and smoked front bumper turn signals. and ill be color matching the bumpers, headlight rings and door handels, bacially if its chrome, its gettin color matched! i want a super clean look! ive always had a thing that if its vw or audi... i only pick vw or audi paint codes... i know it matters nothing in selling it, but its just one of my nicks that i have. it doest matter if the color is a brand new color off a brand new audi/vw.. it just has to come outta the audi/vw book.

October 11th 2009, 12:36
well.... FINALLY an update. sorry guys its been a while, but ive been super busy with working on OTHER cars, and getting my new shop up and running. BUT i now have some progress photos. good news is, now that i have my own shop, this car will REALLY be moving along now, cause i want it painted before winter hits. its fall now, but i think a good week of saning and body work, i can manage to get it painted.

well i was sooping around on ebay one night and saw a 914 gauge cluster up for grabs, so i bought it. now ive made it fit into my dash. lots of work, but i think it will turn out really cool. im inspriation for this mod was the RSI new beetle. but i feel i did it with still keeping the german look theme! the dash is still not done yet, but plans are to get it wrapped in suade with red stiching. enjoy the pics!









October 11th 2009, 15:05
Good start on the dash! I like it.

October 11th 2009, 21:09
i always enjoy seeing moded dashs

good work

Steve C
October 11th 2009, 21:26

Nice work on the gauge fitting, make sure that you can see them OK behind the steering wheel, Ive found that they need to be dropped down lower if your using a smaller steering wheel.


October 11th 2009, 23:39
ya, good point, but i did make sure it is in the right placement! all is good. ive had the dash in and out of the car like 8 times just making sure everything will work!

also if you nitice in the pics, im putting in a double din stereo. proably gonna go with something touch screen. i know its not a race inspired mod, but i figure i want to do some long drives with this car, so i thought why not have something nice to have navi, mp3, and dvd all in one unit!

October 12th 2009, 05:07
. i know its not a race inspired mod, ...

Ah, but this is the german-style corner and true german-style cars are great long distance drivers. Think 'Autobahn' ;)

October 12th 2009, 11:22
ahhhhh very true my friend!!!!! i like your thinking!

December 2nd 2009, 20:23
update time again. sorry for the super slow process, but i AM gettin this car done.

well todays update is on the motor. i was searching around on shoptalkforums and saw a fellow guy selling a center mount fan shroud, so i posted on his thread saying i would love to buy it. well that guy said he wasnt ready to sell it just yet. well two hrs later i get a I.M. from a guy over seas saying he makes these fan shrouds and if i would like one, he would ship one out my way. the price i could not turn down..... $156 shipped (yes not joking) so i paypaled him the money. keep in mind the fan shroud shipped ground from Estonia. so 4 weeks later, i had this fan shroud. boy was i like a kid on xmass morning when i saw that on my door step.

when i got it, i knew this style fan shrould was prone to having the #3 cyl run hot, so solved this problem by disceting a stock fan shroud for the needed air deflects. when i mocked it up, i realised the hole where the alternator mounts to the fan housing was too big, so i cut out the stock metal one, riveted it to the new fan housing, and i still have yet to glass it all in. but i feel im off in the right direction.

well on with the pics.

mock up pics...


and the mods to the fan shroud, here you can see the air deflects and the alternator pice from the orginal metal shroud...



December 3rd 2009, 21:40

December 3rd 2009, 23:34
The case you have is a PITA for upright conversion, but it can be done. It has CV stamped on it right?

December 4th 2009, 00:51
ya its a CV case, but i already have a alternator stand in the works that will work without cutting the case!

December 4th 2009, 22:48
Great! I'm sure you will post pix when the time comes.

December 5th 2009, 02:29
oh ofcorse!