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VW 612 RS
September 6th 2009, 15:21
I live in Norway and I have a nice dark blue VW 412 -74.
This car is reconstructed with Porsche 911 engine (3.0) and gearbox (930), Porsche dash, electric memory leather seats, adjustable struts, 911 brakes, 9 and 10 x 17 Rüf wheels.

The car is not finished yet.

I bought this car in 2001. But the car was started to reabulit back in -84 so it has been on the road for only 10 years.

The next step is to convert the engine to twin turbo. The plan for the car is a daily drive car but itīs built for some fast rounds at the tracks.

September 6th 2009, 21:05
That should be a great ride. It has already shaped up nicely.

September 8th 2009, 11:22
Hard as nails. Love it. Will be watching this one

September 8th 2009, 16:06
Absolutely love it! Awesome project. Followed the progress on your site for a few years now.
Great to be able to follow your progress here now :)

This is my 4-cylinder, so you understand why I like yours so much :D

You could make a thread for your 2,9 ltr 1303 as well I hope.

VW 612 RS
September 8th 2009, 17:58
I will make a thread about my 2,9 later. But i want to finish my 612 first.
You see I started with a 1303 -74 project and I have most of the parts.

In the beginning I didīt care for the VWīs. It was only old slow cars. But my brother had a rallycross VW. A 1303 with 1600 ccm (167 HK). He asked me one day if a wanted to test the car at the track. Ok, I thought, why not. Wow, 167 HK at 720 kg with rmp limit at 9000 was a really fast car. I was "sold" at that moment at it went 14 day before I had my first and only beetle. This car had the same paint code as my "new" 412 :-)

I started with a 1915 engine in peaces and put it together and it ended at 136 HK in the dyno. I wanted a really good engine. I did put some new paint at the car with widened fenders an big wheels and of course lowered.

But the same day a got the car at the road after this small restoration I was hit by another car an the car was totally wrecked. The body was useless but the chassis was ok. I did fix the small damage at the chassis and got a nice welded blasted body. Ok, new plan. Starting from the bottom. I bought a "new" 2.4 ltr type 4 with Porsche cooling and 48 Dellorto. Opened the engine and was thinking. This is to small engine :-) I got at 84mm Scat crank who was stroked to 86mm.

Here stops this story because my blue 412 suddenly came from heaven and I couldīt let it go. At this time I had a nice white 412 who I used as a daily drive car, who I had for many years. The 1303 is stored in boxes at this time. The body and chassis is stripped. Everything is blasted and rust free.

The 412 with Porsche 911 engine have been a dream for many years. The car was ready for 911 engine and transmission and it was restored with new paint. The plan was just, put in a engine and put everything together and drive. But this story wanted a another ending :-) I used some wheels from one of my fathers Porscheīs. Then I didīt have to do something with the fenders. But I really wanted Ruf wheels, but they are really hard to get. But some day I heard from a friend who has a 911 that one of his friend should sell a set of Ruf wheels. I hoped they where 4 pieces of 8x17. But now. It was 9 and 10x17. OK, those wheels are going to fit the car.

What do i do. Yes, from now one this project took off as a jetplane. I decided to make a little Porsche killer out of a 412. So thatīs why the Porsche bumper and so one......
I was thinking about the name at the rear decklid. 412 3.0 maybe? Now, it was to boring. This car have got a new name. VW 612 RS was born. Volkswagen type 6. When itīs finish I hope it will looks like it was made like this from the factory.

So Wally i hope we can meet some day. I hope this car is ready for the road next summer and it would be nice to go to some VW meetings. I see there is a big 411/412 club i Netherlands. I want to go there some day. Please Wally. Hold me updated for the meeteings!

Best regards
Hans Olav Strand

September 8th 2009, 21:10
thats really cool and different. just one more reason why i think this is the best VW forum. who would have ever thought a 4 series could be so cool. i have always looked at them as an engine donor for a beetle.

September 9th 2009, 02:26
No worries Hans, I'll keep you posted ;)

Nice story and background of your aircooled vw's! Tnx for sharing.

September 10th 2009, 06:20

There are not so many people who play with the unloved Type 4s, but you have really gone all out.

I love the car alot!! The whole Porsche theme just goes so well...

September 10th 2009, 15:39
you have a very nice project going on :goodjob:, the porsche theme fits in very well, I hope you will keep the updates coming.

March 14th 2012, 04:41
So have you finished this wonderful 412?

VW 612 RS
March 19th 2012, 04:04
So have you finished this wonderful 412?

No, not yet :-(
But Iīm working on it in these days. We have moved to a new place and I had to build a new bigger garage and those things take times :-)
The garage is finished so now Iīm working on 412 again.
I hope it will be finished this year.

You can follow the tread here. Itīs in Norwegian but the picture talk for them selves :-)



March 19th 2012, 04:59
Norwegian is a bit difficult for me :lmao::lmao:
We want the progress in here as well:):)

Where can I see your 2.9 1303?

VW 612 RS
March 20th 2012, 12:46
Norwegian is a bit difficult for me :lmao::lmao:
We want the progress in here as well:):)

Where can I see your 2.9 1303?

My 2,9 1303 is in boxes :-)
It started with a 1303 for many years ago, but after a big crash the car was stripped down again. I was hit by another car when I picked up my 1303 at the paint workshop :-(

This 412 project started at this time so I just stored my 1303 so far.
Iīm going to work on my 03 when the 412 is finished.
I also have a Porsche 914 whoīs gone get a new engine first.
The 914 goes from 914/4 to 914/6 GT.

I have a tread about my 612 on this site in english but is not updated.
Its so difficult to post pictures on some forums so I donīt care to do it:


March 21st 2012, 06:42
I saw the link in the Norwegian site and I read everything from there.
I think you should post all the photos over here. After all this is the original GERMAN LOOK FORUM :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:

Try to post here all the photos you have. 914/4 into 914/6 GT. That would be an awesome car. I think Patrick Motorsport in the States are very specialized into this conversion.

VW 612 RS
March 21st 2012, 19:11
This is my last pictures. Iīm finished welding on the body.
Puh.... Itīs a LOT of job :-) but I hope the it will be nice. My plan is that the car will not look very reconstructed.
The people who don't know those cars hopefully will not see it as a very reconstructed car.
I build this car as a concept car. Hopefully it could be made like this.
Porsche and VW build the 914 together and the Porsche B32 so why not this car as VW type 6 Vw 612 :-)




March 22nd 2012, 04:14
The car looks great. You have done all the fabrication by yourself or with help?

VW 612 RS
March 22nd 2012, 05:51
The car looks great. You have done all the fabrication by yourself or with help?

Everything is done by myself.
Iīm not so good with bodywork so I asked a couple people to help me do the body. Both said yes, but they backed out. Maybe the thought it where to much job.
Ok, then I had to do it my self. It takes longer time, but you get good training on welding body :-)
And when it finished is a very good feeling that every is done by my self.

So the only thing I need help for is the painting.
I have a brother who paint cars :-)