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January 23rd 2010, 20:00
Took delivery of my new engine yesterday and have been busy.
I had actually ordered a twin turbo motor but this one showed up.
I`m going to stay with the single turbo motor as it is soooooooooo much simpler than the tt motor. Test fit :twisted:
Now I need to source a radiator, fuel cell, and ecu.
These 4 cam motor are wide!! There is going to need to be some trimming done to my removable rear valence.

January 24th 2010, 15:16
Hello, your porject looks very nice, keep up the good work. I have been looking a the late model 6 cylinder Subaru engine. I am thinkin about trying to get one for maybe a 914 setup. I bought a 2.7 911 in pieces, but I just don't like the high reve needed to produce the horse power I want. But on the other side, I would not have to worry about the radiator and it location issues.

If I recall correctly, one member stated the late model 6 cylinder was not that much longer than the 4 cylinder. I'll hold on and wait and see what I can get about this engine, this year. Couple that engine with a Audi 4 speed automatic and I believe that setup will be very hard to beat in a 914:D

O and a radiator from a 1994 Jeep Cherokee would fit very nicely in the nose.

November 17th 2010, 15:20
Moved my car from the "farm" in Abbotsford to Vancouver.
Never mind the trailer :shocked:
Ordered some parts.
Started to install parts.
HKS BOV going to be integrated into intercooler.
Exhaust fabrication. Ordered cheap wrx down pipe. Holes didnt line up on the turbo, had to "elongate" them. Chopped it up and added a 3" elbow.
Cooling system fabrication. Using abs piping as a template, then building the whole system out of 1.5" stainless piping.
Against what alot of people are doing, Im running my coolant tubes inside the car. My car is very low and I cant run them under the body due to them contacting the pavement. More parts are on order. Air filter. Radiator. NACA ducts. More pictures to come.

November 17th 2010, 17:05
Was curious as to which radiator your going with.

I am wrestling between a custom and a scirocco


November 17th 2010, 17:40
I'm using this one. Designed for a civic. But comes with two fans and should fit nicely. Dimensions are 26" wide by 17" high. And has the inlet and outlets on the same side which is a benefit for me as Im running both of my coolant tubes on the passenger side of the car.

November 17th 2010, 23:55

November 30th 2010, 12:53
Took delivery of my radiator. Felt weird putting it in:eek: But it fit perfectly.
Coolant pipes now made of stainless.
More work on the downpipe.
My magic mushroom intake.:lmao:Decided to continue with the HKS theme.
Flanges welded onto intercooler for BOV.

December 2nd 2010, 00:08
AWESOME! ive got my eye on this thing

December 2nd 2010, 08:39
Very good looking dark side project!!! keep going....

December 6th 2010, 14:51
More coolant pipe fabrication.
Revised my charge piping. Fits perfect now.:)
My mount for the intercooler. I drilled and tapped the alternator bracket for a couple of M8 bolts. Still need to work on supporting the other side as well.

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December 14th 2010, 14:54
Subscribed, This thing looks pretty solid, nice welding! I might steal your idea in the future and redo my coolant pipes like yours, looks very clean.

We have differing opinions on what tire widths look good :lmao: (I don't understand the stretched look:confused:) but its all about building what you want so thumbs up there.

Is this going to be race only? Ready for GCVWS next year?


January 10th 2011, 12:43
Too much influence from the watercooled guys:D

Finished my radiator mount and shroud.
And old picture I dug up. My dad's cabrio and friends bus.
More coolant pipes to weld and bead roll. Ordering Stinger ECU and clutch soon:)

January 10th 2011, 13:28
Looking good!

It doesn't look like you have a rad shroud after the radiator? I would highly suggest this as it is often overlooked. Shrouding and ensuring adequately flow AFTER the rad is almost more important than getting air to the rad. Temps under there will get VERY high. On my conversion I made the shroud out of steel and it is almost air tight, and it gets quite hot in there just from heat radiation. I'll be making one out of fibreglass this winter to help that.

Just my $0.02, keep it up!


January 10th 2011, 13:55
Definitely looking good. Hope to see it at GCVW's this year.


January 10th 2011, 14:40
Eatoniashoprat : What does your ducting look like after the rad fans?
Also what clutch are you using? Im deciding between a kennedy stage II and their twin disk set up.

Really going to try to make GCVWS this year:)

January 11th 2011, 14:28
Here are some pics from before paint. It might not be a problem for you, but I just bring it up because the ducting concerns are ones I found when researching the rad ducting for the beetle and for my bus, and so far mine have worked. In short, just make sure the air can get out easily.




January 24th 2011, 13:35
I have nearly my entire spare well cut out so I think there is lots of room for the hot air to go. But time will tell I guess.
A little more progress.
Got my ECU.
Starting stripping the original wiring harness. The manual from EMS is quite vague so I have alot of work to do in the wiring department.
Coolant pipes are all welded and beadrolled. I have all my clamps and hose couplers. Started laying out the fuel system. Bosch 044 being fed by a Facet low pressure pump through a surge pot and out to the injectors. I am going to mount the fuel pump at the back of the spare tire well using some leftover 2.5" silicone couplers and clamps to reduce vibration. The surge pot is going to go next to the driver side front strut.
Stage III Pressure Plate and Clutch is arriving today and so is Innovative wideband.

January 24th 2011, 22:53
send me pm I have a tune program , let me know if you need one

January 25th 2011, 15:20
Hey Brujo65. I have the standard tune that outfrontmotorsports provided. Is youR tune a different one? Also do you have a link to your build? I would like to check it out. Also anyone here wired a Stinger ecu before?

January 25th 2011, 17:28
I send my harness to outfront Motorsport and they make it. but I have one the lance send me. the ultimate 2.0 tune I used it on some off my customer car and work very well .

January 31st 2011, 11:41
Surge Pot/Pumps/Filter mounted. Just need some wiring and some fuel line.
3/8" Stainless fuel lines running front to back.
StageIII Pressure Plate and 6Pack clutch from Kennedy.

Im going to call outback today but does anybody have experience wiring the Stinger ECU?
Waste Spark Wiring?
Idle Control Wiring? Does this wire into one of the AUX. ouputs?
The wiring diagram is so generic the fuel injector wires are not numbered.:confused:

February 8th 2011, 18:03
Installed clutch and pressure plate. Didn't know I had to remove the donut thingy on the pressure plate so I have to pull the engine again. Installing it by yourself can be quite painful on the back:shocked:
Sorry for crappy phone pictures.....
More wiring. Relays are for fuel pump and fan motors.
Organized the shop a little more. Trying to make the most out of 160 square feet.
Got a little carried away on the intake manifold. Removing bosses I wasn't using. Going to end up fully polishing it.:D

February 21st 2011, 01:52

Question, will your adapter work on a SVX engine? I bought a long block bare; I needed it for mock up into my 1303. Kennedy sells one for 550 and there is another company selling one for 450, and that with a flywheel.

February 21st 2011, 12:25
effvee - Im not sure if the SVX engine will bolt to the same plate that I have. You'll want to call Kennedy for that.


Painted valve covers and intake manifold.:)

Chopped oil pan and pickup tube. Installed Innovative LC1.

I can almost hear it running:lmao:

February 22nd 2011, 19:54
After many hours(while at work ;) )I have finally obtained this.
I had to call Diamond Electric in Michigan. The Japanese guy who worked there had to call Japan and I now I have the wiring diagram for my ignition coil. No one new anything about this coil as it has 4 wires.

February 28th 2011, 14:32
Chopped Oil Pan.
Almost put back together. New intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. Custom Alternator belt.
Tightened up the charge piping.
Little bit more wiring, bleed the cooling and fuel system and she is ready:D

March 13th 2011, 01:59
It runs!!!


March 13th 2011, 02:34
Very cool! So nice to hear them start up the first time, keep us posted with the progress.


March 13th 2011, 06:05
Very cool. I am sure you are pumped up now.

March 13th 2011, 09:35
The car=$, The engine=$, The ECU=$, The work= lot of money hours.
The first time it starts= PRICELESS!!!!
Congratulations and keep coming the photos/videos!:driving:

March 13th 2011, 11:37
Hi, was that up-corked? I see everyone having cut the side interior sheet metal. How much is it too wide? Also have you tried to lay the hood down for clearences? I know that the Subaru engine will clear, but how close is the crank pulley to the rear apron?

March 14th 2011, 13:27
Vw1303 What uniball system are you using in the rear?
nice looking 1303 meng. love the stance

March 14th 2011, 14:27
I should have had a heart rate monitor on when I hit second gear.:eek:
I need more than just a back alley to get a proper feel for it.
It felt amazing having that much power behind you. And knowing all your hard work has paid off is pretty sweet too. Hopefully I can stay motivated enough to finish the car now that it is running. I just want to drive it:cool:

Uni-ball set-up was for a project in my engineering classes. One off.:D

I'm not sure how much more cutting is going to be required to fit my rear apron on but when all the bodywork is installed it should be quite the sleeper.

March 14th 2011, 20:11
mad props! thing sounds amazing! btw...what rack&pinion you running?

March 18th 2011, 23:10
One off Nice meng!!
After seeing your 1303 with those Sick fuchs wheels made me re think my green rims :D Are those 15x8 all around?
Also did you roll your fender using a hammer and a rubber mallet?

March 21st 2011, 11:31
Engine fits:D Under stock body with a little massaging.
Wheels are 15X8.5 front and 15X10:eek: rear.
Rack is from a E30 BMW.

March 23rd 2011, 09:49
car is looking killer! the 15x10 under stock fenders? you roll them?

March 24th 2011, 08:23
Those rear tyres in particular look too stretched to the point where they would be beyond any tyre manufacturer warrantying them for use in this application. The only tyre that I can find that is approved for fitment to 10x15" rims (apart from off-road tyres) is a 285/50x15 thats 4% larger diameter than stock.

March 24th 2011, 12:05
Fenders have been rolled with a fender roller/basball bat/english wheel/hammers and are pretty mangled at this point. I would love to have a set of Kerscher flared fenders but so much$$$ to get them over here.(Perhaps when I go to Europe this summer;))

Wheels and tires at this point are set up for drifting. So I'm not concerend about manufacter's specs.

I want to get a set of 17s for street/daily driving. The car is quite low to be on the street with 15's amd 45 series tires. Anyone have an extra set of BBS LM's:lmao:

March 24th 2011, 16:24
Can you talk a bit more about that rack and pinion setup? Including any parts lists / build pics?

Also, I like all your caging and what not, do you have more images regarding this stuff?

March 24th 2011, 17:04
It's awesome to see it's up and running. Got the stinger tuned yet or are you running on a base map?

March 25th 2011, 12:32
I didn't see the JDM sticker before, nice touch. This thing is Hellaflush.

March 28th 2011, 14:09
Started working on some aluminum door panels.
And some ducting for the intercooler which is going to be fed by to NACA ducts and 3" flexible hose in the rear window. Started on the rear firewall. That is going to be a big task.
Here are some more photos of the cage. This picture was taken just after I had the entire thing powder coated. 3 years ago:o
I need to support my steering rack better. I CNC milled a pedestal that the rack sits on but I want to tie it into my front strut brace as well.
This picture show when i was using the rabbit rack with made my wheels turn opposite!!!
Picked this up as well. Along with some heavy duty axles and cv's.
Car still needs some tidying up but hoping to put in on the road in April:shocked:
JDM sticker is the symbol for new driver in Japan. It's a magnet and came with a cheap steering wheel I got.
I was having some computer compatiblity problems so I haven't tuned the ecu yet. But I looking forward to putting it on the dyno and see what it can do.

April 18th 2011, 17:49
Working on my rear windows. You have to be really careful when working with lexan as to not crack it:angry: It took a few attempts but the results were worth it.
More firewall fabricating.
Got all my fuchs back on. Now with 50 series tires all around. A little more beefier.:)

April 19th 2011, 00:24
looking nice!

April 19th 2011, 12:19
Purdy cool!


June 13th 2011, 13:05
Update. Cut the A/C vents out of the apron and transfered them to the kamei. Oh that was tough cutting up my original kamie spoiler:shocked:
Took it for a spin on the street. The hippies on Commercial Drive loved the sound of the rev limiter in second gear:D
Also made a matte black front and rear windscreen banner and attached the running boards. Rebuilt the alternator as it wasn't putting out a charge. Changed my spark plugs to one step colder copper ones NGK BKR7E. Made a wiring cover and tidied up some more wiring. Now to finish the exhaust to keep the neighbours happy:)

June 22nd 2011, 13:27
Well.... I thought it was ready:confused:
Fuelled up and a day permit ready for the open road....
Stopped along the way to take a few snaps.
Girlfriend look really impressed. Battery flat/plugs fouled/rear suspension arm failure.

June 22nd 2011, 15:34
Once I though that I was alone in that ship, but the most I read on these builds I realize that I am not! So you are not alone!!!:banghead:

June 23rd 2011, 15:03
No you are not alone. Every car we build starts with short drives around the subdivision. Then a little work. Around the block. Then a little more work. Then round the block gain. Then sometimes some more work. The runs get longer and longer but we always have a phone with us. When you do that much work at one time. You kinda expect you will have to debug something.

June 23rd 2011, 22:21
rear arm failure???? what happened??
i agree the girlfriend look ssssssssssssoooooooooo impressed there lol

June 29th 2011, 11:38
You mean it's not like on the TV show Overhaulin' or whatever where they just build up the car, get in and drive off into the sunset?? :lmao:

June 30th 2011, 20:30
I reckon the first 100Kms on my car were all driven within a 1/2km radius of my house :lmao:

Luckily when I did have problems with my first engine it still got me home.

September 2nd 2011, 01:10
Any updates??

October 18th 2011, 11:40
Some Updates.
Cut some speed holes in the rear apron.(Not quite finished yet) Made a 3" exhaust with 2 3" tips.
No muffler yet:D
Test fitting some 15X11" Gotti's:eek:
Started a position at my old work. Test Stand Technician. This picture is of a Rotomaster GT30 being tested at 900deg.C This turbo was headed to an aircraft engine. 5L flat 4. Aircooled too:)

November 18th 2011, 18:22
Made some improvements on my steering column. Plastic bushings on the top and bottom of the steerer tube replace old bearings and rubber bushings. Also turned off the steering lock part of the shaft.
I just need to get rid of that cheesy steering wheel now.:lmao:
Any suggestions? Nardi? Sparco? Momo?

November 18th 2011, 19:07

You working for ADP now?

...and for the steering wheel, OMP from Driver's Edge?


November 18th 2011, 22:28
Hey Dave,

I work for Rotomaster which is a subsidary of ADP. We deal are on the manufacturing side whereas ADP does Sales and rebuiding. Same building though. We should meet up sometime. Where do you do work on your 1303?

November 26th 2011, 21:30
Changed my spring plate setup to steel as the aluminum one I had made earlier the thread pulled out...:eekno:
I trimmed the sharp edges off later.
Installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge as the electric one I had was giving me nightmares. Also installed LED oil idiot light and Innovate AF gauge.
Made an oil manifold that houses idiot light/oil pressure/oil temperature senders.

Played around with some quick release steering wheel hubs that a friend borrowed to me. I really liked the colour of the red ball release one but after I installed it I found it had too much play so I will be going with the splined one which was way better.
Going to pull the gearbox next weekend and install the spool:D

November 27th 2011, 02:43
Hey Dave,

I work for Rotomaster which is a subsidary of ADP. We deal are on the manufacturing side whereas ADP does Sales and rebuiding. Same building though. We should meet up sometime. Where do you do work on your 1303?

Not a bad guess from a single photo, eh? I know Eric from my days at Vibrant and Shawn VN is a good friend.

My pan and I live in Squamish. The body, on the other hand is down in Chilliwack where good friends at GLi Autowerks. Should be joining the two together next weekend though!

Who made your steering column bushings?


November 27th 2011, 22:13

Hello, did you make all of the parts, even the Aluminum one?

November 28th 2011, 14:59
All parts are made by made:) except the rod ends. I CNC machined the torsion housing piece when I was studying mechanical engineering at BCIT. They are pretty beefy I think.

December 1st 2011, 10:57
Now that is some cool looking DIY stuff.

December 17th 2011, 04:58
Hi mate I like the look of your strut brace I remember seeing a company in Canada who makes something very similar to this.Did you buy this or fabricate it yourself ? .Great build by the way, some clever mods n fabrication,love the wheel choice and stance :cool:.

December 17th 2011, 10:17
Hi Graham, like the front spoiler on your car on your Avatar.
Any bigger and close ups?

December 18th 2011, 15:42
Dont want to hi jack this thread so


Still looking for info on that strut brace VW1303

December 18th 2011, 20:21
Dont want to hi jack this thread so


Still looking for info on that strut brace VW1303

Hi, something wrong with your link.

December 19th 2011, 16:48
The front strut brace is made by me:) I was inspired by the heigo one.
Made an IAC block off plate. Makes tuning the idle alot easier......
Had to make an extension for my throttle cable as it was rubbing the silicone coupler off the turbo. Also modifed my throttle pedal so I can get full throttle:rolleyes:
New QA1 double adjuster came in.
Found a model I got in Japan a few years ago digging through my old garage on my dads farm.

Man these little details to finish the car up seem to take forever!!! Im very close to street tuning it though. Hopefully in the new year:)

December 22nd 2011, 03:22
thanks for that vw1303 I just checked out the Heigo site, looks like thats the way to go.I wish I had your skills, some of the people on here are so talented and I am allways amazed at what they are capable of producing.Keep up the great work your car ROCKS

February 7th 2012, 14:14
Maybe I missed this but what tranny are you running?

Great build.

February 7th 2012, 21:44
Can I get some pics of your rear shock mounts, upper and lower?

Much appreciated.


February 11th 2012, 21:39
Hey Dave,

To fit my rear coilovers I had to do a bunch of modifactions.
I sectioned out some of the rear trailing arm along with adding some gussets to the lower shock mount.
Here is a picture of my 5 bar setup. I might revise the attachment to the upper shock mount and fabricate it in steel.

Now for last month I have been a little side tracked doing this.
Put the big lathe to use.
These will be the crowning jewels to roll on.:D

February 12th 2012, 13:18
nice!!! i love the wheels. i recently picked up some sweet BBS RS's in Porsche pattern. their gonna be my "NICE" wheels ro roll on as well. so i thought id say that your car has been a big inspiration for my 1303. i got my type 4 motor running on MS1 efi, and have now decided to go water-cooled as well. but im choosing to go with a WBX motor. hoping that tomorrow i can go pick up the motor. and YES, it will be turbo'd as well.

February 13th 2012, 07:35
Gotti Rims? Nice.

February 21st 2012, 13:11
Yep they are Gotti wheels. Made in France back in the day. I was contemplating BBS RS as well but could never find a set for the right price. Those will look awesome.

Also couldn't resist this...
Running 1303 for $400. Going to fix a little brake issue slam it and use it as a daily driver this summer :)

February 21st 2012, 13:52
Sweet. Another one saved and back on the road.

March 31st 2012, 21:04
Yeah got tires mounted.


Getting the rear tires on was something else. Lets just same there was fire involved.:D

March 31st 2012, 23:34
wheels are awsome. i also posted on your fb as well.

April 1st 2012, 03:58
The ol' modified-propane-tank trick to mount the tires...or ether and a lighter?

Always fun!

Wheels look great.


April 1st 2012, 06:08
the first time I had that done on a set of wheels, it scared the crap out of me :))

May 17th 2012, 16:29
Starting on some suspension goodies. Custom lower control arms are next.
I happen to stumble across these turbine shafts in the machine shop that suited my needs:D Material is 4140 and so it will be plenty strong enough and then coupled to that is a 5/8" Chromoly Heim Joint.

May 20th 2012, 18:32
Installed some of these 2psi residual pressure vavles. The brake pedal has the feel I was looking for and I now have the some confidence in my brakes.
The brake system now consists of:
-Stock master cylinder
-All new steel brakes lines
-Stainless braded flex lines
-Wilwood proportioning valve(installed on the rear circuit)
-1983 NA Porsche 944 front and rear calipers
-K sport Hydraulic Handbrake
-Empi 2psi residual pressure valve

May 20th 2012, 21:15
Yep they are Gotti wheels. Made in France back in the day. I was contemplating BBS RS as well but could never find a set for the right price. Those will look awesome.

Also couldn't resist this...
Running 1303 for $400. Going to fix a little brake issue slam it and use it as a daily driver this summer :)

If you are like most of us you will find yourself modifying this one also in no time!:D

May 24th 2012, 14:41
Sneak Peek at custom lower control arms. This is the inner. Outer will also be heim joint with a roll centre correction spacer for the spindle. Also need to figure something out for the sway bar attachment. These will be a bolt on unit.:)

May 24th 2012, 22:50
when you get these done, id love to be interested in a set.

June 26th 2012, 15:56
Cleaned up my trailing arms and made some new lower coilover bushings.
Im using a 1/2" precision ground shoulder bolts so this will get rid of some of the slop I was having. Also was looking into the rear coilovers I have and turns out they are Koni's:cool: over $500 a piece:shocked: . Next up I am ripping out the stock diff and putting in a spool:eek:
Also while putting in the spool Im upgrading to Type2 CV joints and axles.

June 26th 2012, 16:11
Can't wait to see the front control arm setup.

...oh and I should probably wing some springs down to you, eh?


June 26th 2012, 16:30
Hey Dave. Yeah that would be good to get the springs back. Bring them along with the rally beetle if possible:D. Also Dave I lost your phone number when I updated my phone. Mind sending that over again. I might need some pointers on setting up the new diff.


June 26th 2012, 16:34
604 849 0076 - Shoot me a txt as I'm not sure I have your number on my new Blackberry.


July 6th 2012, 18:39
After some clutch chatter issues and wanting to keep things in place better I'm switching to solid mounts. I'm also going to reverse the rear cradle and mount the gearbox forward a few inches. Ditching the front rubber mount and going with a mid mount. I'm going to get rid of the urethane piece that the midmount came with and use aluminum and drilling through the frame horns to secure it.

August 10th 2012, 23:01
Flipped the rear cradle and mocked up the gear box. Going to make a solid front mount and also use a mid mount. Pulled my shift rod and found out it was bent. So I ordered up an adjustable end and am going to shorten it by 2". Also started setting up the spool differential. I installed my original ring gear and torqued it down. Then plopped it in the gear box. It seemed too tight after installing the diff cover so I removed a shim out of it. Now it seems pretty good. I measured .015" of play while rotating the diff using this method however I am a little unsure of it as this is the first time I have setup a rear end. Factory settings from the manual say .006"-.010". Any pointers?

August 20th 2012, 12:02
Gearbox is ready to go. Bearing preload and backlash are set on the spool.
I "deconstructed" my OEM front mount and found the date of manufacture was cast into the piece:shocked:. I am going to mill down the face and resuse this piece as a solid front mount.

August 29th 2012, 12:02
Solid front mount.
Shortened and adjustable shift rod made with slightly heavier wall tubing than OEM.

October 31st 2012, 14:53
Moved out of the city and into the countryside. No more neighbours complaining about "engines revving" and such. Built a workbench and organized the garage a bit.
Added an GM Intake Air Temp Sensor. Going to see how effective the NACA ducts in the window routed to the intercooler are. The solid mounted engine and gearbox aren't as bad as I thought. Everywhere on the internet said it would rattle my fillings and shake bolts loose but I like it. Less wheel hop more rocking of the engine. Now to take advantage of the country roads around my place. Ft. Langley has some awesome twisties:D

November 3rd 2012, 22:21
I'm interested in the results of the NACA duct test.

November 4th 2012, 02:13
i'm interested in the results of the naca duct test.


November 19th 2012, 23:18
Did a string alignment to get the car in ballpark alignment.
Was going to install this accusump but stripped a brass ball valve so need get a new one of those,:angry:
Went for a few "drives" around the neighbourhood this weekend. Did some logging. Was only making 8psi of boost but wanted to make sure the AFR's
were in check. I will turn up the boost next weekend:D Intake temperature started out at 14degC and rose to 35degc after 7 minutes of driving. I guess I'm going to have to drive longer to see what the NACA ducts can do for me. Lots of wheelspin too in the wet. Donuts and going sideways are alot of fun with the spool in the rear end.
Also finally got this bad boy together. A VF34 ball bearing turbo from JDM STI's.
These little ball bearing units are very tricky to put together especially when you
dont take them apart. Lucky for me I found one disassembled in a box. This is one of the best "bolt on" turbos you can get for the EJ20, very responsive.

November 20th 2012, 02:46
i got 2 questions for ya.

1: well i need motor mounts in my 1303 as well. i cant decide on what route to go,how are the solid mounts on the street? do they vibrate the car super bad? ive been thinking about getting some solid mounts.

2: how is the spool diff on the street? does one wheel make noise when turning tight turns? i know in your case its not a big deal as i know your wanting to drift with it. but i had to ask. lol

looking awesome as usual. ill be getting my turbo on my WBX soon, your car is a great inspiration. keep up the good work.

November 21st 2012, 08:39
Good to see it out on the street.

November 22nd 2012, 18:59
So here you can see the stock reverse light switch and an M18 Plug I got to block off the reverse light portion of my gearbox when I was moving it forward 2". Turns out the 3mm longer in length was causing me a real headache trying to get the car into reverse. It would move back a few feet then start grinding. Ahh!! I had no idea what to do so I contacted Bruce Tweedle who knows his stuff when it comes to gears and he had heard of a problem like this when someone forgot to install a washer on the reverse light switch.
You can see on the top of the plug I installed that there is some wear in that area. So I was confindent when making a new plug using the orginal plug that it would solve the problem. Turns out it did! I would have had no clue and probably tossed the gearbox. So I am pretty stoked that this problem was cured quite easily. Let this be a heads up for anyone moving there gearbox forward that this plug can be no longer the OE one.

December 7th 2012, 00:06
Put a permit on the beetle and drove to work today. This happened...:Dhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ9emhSuutM

December 7th 2012, 02:47
thats awesome. good to see it running solid.

December 9th 2012, 10:38
Good to see it on the road.

January 28th 2013, 18:52
Modified by steering knuckles for for steering angle. I cut 25mm out of the Porsche 944 knuckles and drilled and reamed a 5/8" hole in them. I noticed with my BMW steering rack it requied alot of input to turn the car. Shortening the steering arm will give quicker response and allow for more steering angle. Before doing this the wheels would point about 35 degrees now the wheel will go almost 50 degrees. I will need to "massage" the inner fenders to make room for all of this steering lock.
Stock knuckle.
Modified knuckle.

February 10th 2013, 00:58
Finally finished my tubular front control arms.
Stock vs. Prototype Tubular

This version allows for 25mm roll centre correction. Made in Chromoly.
Length is adjustable from 0-+50mm wider than stock.
3/4" Chromoly Heim joints at both ends.


More front suspension goodies.


February 10th 2013, 01:03
Very Sick.

Any chance you're coming to the Van-Area swap meet tomorrow morning?


February 10th 2013, 01:44
Hey Dave,

Is that the one at langley events centre?

February 10th 2013, 10:35
Nuts. Sorry I didn't see your reply. Today in Surrey, 10 am. Just search Vancouver CL for VW Porsche swap and you'll find my post. 604 902 1595 if you need to call / text me.


February 10th 2013, 18:49
thanks for that vw1303 I just checked out the Heigo site, looks like thats the way to go.I wish I had your skills, some of the people on here are so talented and I am allways amazed at what they are capable of producing.Keep up the great work your car ROCKS

I totally agree with this. It's absolutely amazing what people can do/build. I'm in total awe - this build is bad a$$..

July 9th 2013, 11:28
So I think it is due time for an update.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/481657_10152336724915354_1273084997_n_zps36cfe6e2. jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/481657_10152336724915354_1273084997_n_zps36cfe6e2. jpg.html)
Drove the car to work. Alongside my friends RB26 powered 240z:cool:

Trailered the car out to a drift event in aggassiz on a tight 1/4 mile oval.
Not really the best track to "test out" the car. This happened.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/560029_10152596512560354_527434777_n_zpsea27d077.j pg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/560029_10152596512560354_527434777_n_zpsea27d077.j pg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/734902_10152596521265354_347482556_n_zps744e53ae.j pg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/734902_10152596521265354_347482556_n_zps744e53ae.j pg.html)
Great bunch of guys helped me get off the track and back onto the trailer.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/248054_10152830842390354_636342078_n_zpsacc683f8.j pg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/248054_10152830842390354_636342078_n_zpsacc683f8.j pg.html)
Moved again:rolleyes:Been busy in the shed rebuilding.
Finally got it up and running yesterday.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1016172_10153021544865354_1888126775_n_zps30afb96f .jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1016172_10153021544865354_1888126775_n_zps30afb96f .jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/944481_10153021545390354_452182927_n_zpsf52cf165.j pg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/944481_10153021545390354_452182927_n_zpsf52cf165.j pg.html)
Front end is now fully tubed. Fuel cell added. Changed my front suspension to an a-arm style. It sure is fun to drive around like this. Wife is pregnant so this will be put on hold for a little while. Hopefully will be getting a bigger shop soon so I can fit the body overtop. I purchased a 1 piece fiberglass front end from MarkVFiberglass to replace the damaged section from the crash. I was pretty defeated after "incident" at the track. However I didn't give up just yet. I will add some more details later of what I did with the front end.

July 9th 2013, 14:04
Nuts!!! Well when you play like that it was bound to happen, hopefully you got a little feel for it before your shunt. That church reminds me of one on 16th ave? Been years since I've driven in BC but your pictures often remind me of places I've been by.


July 9th 2013, 23:50
Hi, I see you have NACA ducts, I glued one to some tempered side glass, I'd like to know how much louder it's the interior noise.

August 8th 2013, 13:13
Put some lights on the beast. Next thing is a licence plate:eek:

http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1149024_10153126569415354_1642807934_n_zps4e79a628 .jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1149024_10153126569415354_1642807934_n_zps4e79a628 .jpg.html)

http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1098231_10153126569530354_216537088_n_zps017fd617. jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1098231_10153126569530354_216537088_n_zps017fd617. jpg.html)

August 13th 2013, 05:04
Put some lights on the beast. Next thing is a licence plate:eek:

Very cool!
We would be good friends in real life :D

August 27th 2013, 12:32
Went out to the GCVWS which was held at Concorde Pacific(where Molson Indy used to be). Awesome location and weather made for a great event. Met a couple of the forum guys(Panel and owdlvr).:)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/998794_10153205294185354_131085708_n_zpsce48c5c3.j pg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/998794_10153205294185354_131085708_n_zpsce48c5c3.j pg.html)
Unloading. Had to take the wheels off the trailer to get low enough:lmao:
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1236613_10153205294330354_1374481710_n_zpsdec282d8 .jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1236613_10153205294330354_1374481710_n_zpsdec282d8 .jpg.html)
Rolling in.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1175232_10153205294595354_2131147796_n_zpsef8b91de .jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1175232_10153205294595354_2131147796_n_zpsef8b91de .jpg.html)
Look who parks next to me:eekno:. Beautiful 993 on BBS LM wheels.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1239032_10153205294810354_2107886286_n_zps896ac444 .jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1239032_10153205294810354_2107886286_n_zps896ac444 .jpg.html)
Cool Cityscape with Skytrain in the background.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/1233505_10153205287225354_877102205_n_zpsf6a5a75f. jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/1233505_10153205287225354_877102205_n_zpsf6a5a75f. jpg.html)

August 29th 2013, 00:12
Beautiful spot for an event and it looks like the weather was perfect too!


October 20th 2013, 22:12

Put the "beetle" on the rollers. Made 240hp/230tq @ 14psi.


Tips the scales at 1570lbs. With a 40/60 weight split.

October 22nd 2013, 23:10
for those without facebook and better quality.


November 28th 2013, 01:27
Went for a little cruise today:)


http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_61902_zpsce334992.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_61902_zpsce334992.jpg.html)

November 28th 2013, 03:25
righteous video man:)

November 28th 2013, 12:46
very cool.

November 29th 2013, 02:41

November 29th 2013, 18:33
Nice :)

But why extreme camber angles? I know negative camber helps at corners, but too much is too much ;)

November 30th 2013, 01:28
Bad ass video man. When you gonna be getting the body back on?

November 30th 2013, 01:53
cool car Resembles the engineered to slide build

Nice :)

But why extreme camber angles? I know negative camber helps at corners, but too much is too much ;)

to have a full contact patch at full lock for drifting

November 30th 2013, 13:30
Oldskool1303 nailed it. -5 degrees camber goes to near 0 camber at full lock. I have modified to the steering system for more angle. Body is being refitted this winter.

November 30th 2013, 21:30
Watched the video closely because I like the suspension parts you make. I noticed you did away with the holes in the tubular control arms (where the sway bar used to pass through) in favor of a heim joint mount. What sway bar are you using?

btw...If you don't want the old control arms anymore....

December 1st 2013, 16:00
The front suspension has been changed. It no longer uses the stock pick up points and there is no front sway bar. I am using an adjustable a-arm style suspension now. The pick up points were changed to decrease the length of the front control arms to help with bump steer because the zf bmw e30 steering rack I am using. Now the control arms and tie-rods are the same length and follow the same arc. I also moved the inward mount forward to increase caster. I am running heavier springs in the front as a result and 550lb/in springs and Bilstein dampers are what are currently in the struts. Because of my little mishap on the racecourse I chose to completely redesign the front end and make it a little more robust. The design of the a-arms are similar to what I had with the 1303 control arms just shorter and without a sway bar attachment. I made a tension rod the extends forward giving the control arm stability and it is attached with a heim joint at the front of the car. This tension rod is adjustable so you can adjust for caster even further. The roll centre correctors are still used and you can see the control arms are level and not at an upward angle like most slammed cars. I can say that I really like the way it rides. Very responsive and smooth for a car that is a few inches off the ground. Sorry H20SB the old control arms were used in the making of the new ones...

December 1st 2013, 19:42
Now that you've described it, I can see what you did (well, as much as can be seen). Before, I only noticed at the end of the video, just before you turn into the driveway. I didn't even look at the front end of the bar...I just assumed it was a sway bar.

When I first got back into Supers (earlier this year) I was going crazy trying to figure out a way to make the fore/aft movement of the control arm into a non-factor (just for suspension stability...I over think everything. Just ask Superman). I looked at so many different designs that I can't recall any car companies, but there are a few using the same idea that you did. Another idea I looked at is using a track arm from the rear so a sway could still be used (more or less in the factory location).

How do you avoid caster changes as the suspension swings through the arc? Or do you just limit the movement with the stiff springs? Clearly, with 550# springs, you're not going to get much movement.

The more I thought about it, the more crazy it made me. I finally decided, perhaps, a T shaped control arm where the "T" was the pivot point up and down. With this, however, there would be no ability to adjust caster...a least not on that end. That's when I decided I would just do urathane bushes and back away.

December 2nd 2013, 08:14
great vids!

December 2nd 2013, 12:35
A can you post pics of the new front suspension setup? That would be awesome.

February 15th 2014, 13:24
Front suspension pics.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_1154_zps317cee59.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_1154_zps317cee59.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_0341_zps14f66ea6.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_0341_zps14f66ea6.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_2074_zpsfefc0cea.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_2074_zpsfefc0cea.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_2794_zpsa086925e.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_2794_zpsa086925e.jpg.html)

February 17th 2014, 02:19

February 17th 2014, 19:09
Very nice. Reminds me of the front suspension and tension rod set up from early Z-cars 70-78

February 18th 2014, 21:27
How about a cross brace and some triangulation? Looking good.


Steve C
February 20th 2014, 18:59
cool car Resembles the engineered to slide build

My son is running a Matsuri this weekend with the guy from engineered to slide in his old Nissan Skyline

June 18th 2014, 13:21
Almost done my front splitter:D
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_0024_zps4a931968.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_0024_zps4a931968.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_00ASASA0001_zps3127c62d.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_00ASASA0001_zps3127c62d.jpg.html)
And some ideas for some side plates.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_0037_zps1f1014c5.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_0037_zps1f1014c5.jpg.html)
The splitter is quite strong and I can stand on it near the supports. And it helps continue on with the flat bottom of the rest of the car. I figured I needed something to make the front end stand out since I'm not going to run any bumpers on the car.

June 19th 2014, 00:56
Nice work!!

August 14th 2014, 16:34
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/headlights_zpse598100c.png~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/headlights_zpse598100c.png.html)
Working on the headlights. I used some acrylic sheets and made a small wooden jig with 2 holes and sandwiched the sheet between it then heated in a oven and used a bowling ball to form the curved lense.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/4a911b28-fbfb-4edc-b51c-04217b5c977a_zps6a754fa0.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/4a911b28-fbfb-4edc-b51c-04217b5c977a_zps6a754fa0.jpg.html)

Also front end is now fastened on with 5 dzus fasteners and to points at the front with a tow hook. "Side Skirts" are made with 6" garden edging and fastened in the stock location.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_0285_zps4c355e94.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_0285_zps4c355e94.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/DSC_0286_zpscc002cf1.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/DSC_0286_zpscc002cf1.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/croppedbeets_zps6f988051.png~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/croppedbeets_zps6f988051.png.html)
Also I found a trick for making led tail lights that I will post soon:)

August 24th 2014, 21:08
Love the Splitter and the Side skirt Idea...

August 26th 2014, 00:06
cant wait for the led tail lighs as ive been waiting to build some myself. the car is looking good man.

February 10th 2015, 13:14
New front aero:D
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9722%202_zpscz22yxzy.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9722%202_zpscz22yxzy.jpg.html)

Rear diffuser
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9727%202_zpswglud5yr.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9727%202_zpswglud5yr.jpg.html)

February 11th 2015, 19:01
looking good,headlights look trick

February 12th 2015, 13:34
any chance we can can get some up close and under to see the Rear Diffuser and how it attaches and how you did the from Splitter too please..


March 2nd 2015, 14:40
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9804_zpsv29zvewa.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9804_zpsv29zvewa.jpg.html)

Rear Diffuser attaches to the bottom of the rear bumper and extends all the way to the engine.

March 3rd 2015, 02:39
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9804_zpsv29zvewa.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9804_zpsv29zvewa.jpg.html)

Rear Diffuser attaches to the bottom of the rear bumper and extends all the way to the engine.

Ive had something like that knocking around in my head for ages :D good on ya

March 4th 2015, 16:27
Rear Diffuser attaches to the bottom of the rear bumper and extends all the way to the engine.

Watercooled...+1 point.



March 11th 2015, 11:40
Yeah the diffuser would probably hinder cooling in an aircooled application.

Here are some pictures of the projector lights in action.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9880_zpsd8zph0q5.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9880_zpsd8zph0q5.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9843_zpsrm9ly83k.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9843_zpsrm9ly83k.jpg.html)
And LED tail lights
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_9845_zps6bcayxgd.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_9845_zps6bcayxgd.jpg.html)
Coincidentally these fit perfectly in the elephant foot:)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/ledtails_zpsqkvhyvca.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/ledtails_zpsqkvhyvca.jpg.html)
I used one of these for the so I can have stop/turn/running light.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/turnsignal06_zpsjzelwfyd.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/turnsignal06_zpsjzelwfyd.jpg.html)

March 11th 2015, 23:19
I might be weird..(who isnt) but i really like the "bloodshot eyes" look!!

May 5th 2015, 10:44
Splashed some paint on the forever grey car.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_0133_zps2kmtljed.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_0133_zps2kmtljed.jpg.html)
Went to a swap meet at the local vw parts shop AVR Imports.
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_0122_zpsjdzjmxv9.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_0122_zpsjdzjmxv9.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_0121_zpsb3aofqx2.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_0121_zpsb3aofqx2.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/IMG_0109_zpswugllsn0.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/IMG_0109_zpswugllsn0.jpg.html)
http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/equilibrio/avrshowpics1_zpsopzra1fl.jpg~original (http://s7.photobucket.com/user/equilibrio/media/avrshowpics1_zpsopzra1fl.jpg.html)

May 5th 2015, 19:01
looking awesome as always

May 13th 2015, 12:04


Brought the Beetle to my dads place near the airport.