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April 22nd 2010, 20:24
Not quite ready to start my build, but I gotta start somewhere. So my very first thing I NEED to do is get rid of the shimmies so I can drive this thing everyday until I do figure out what exactly I plan on doing. Also, not pictured my ball joints I bought almost a year ago when I first got the car. Still sitting in a box, wrapped in plastic, all brand new and stuff. :D

Step 1: Super Shimmies.


It's getting late, so I'ma start tomorrow, and should hopefully be done tomorrow.

Steve C
April 23rd 2010, 07:20

That orta do it.

I have a worn out pitman steering rubber on my daily, no shimmies, I need to change it one day, I also have a Bilstein steering damper as well, will change that one day as well.


April 23rd 2010, 15:02
Now you just gotta get it on the car :) The first thing I've done with all my supers is to overhaul the front steering and suspension. It always feels great afterwards and you don't have to worry about it again. Just make sure you follow up the work with a front end alignment and you'll be golden.

April 26th 2010, 11:13
It's all in, no shimmies or shakes, at least the tiny bit of driving I did. I don't plan on driving it till I buy the new idler arm bracket and bushing and do my alterations. I sorta kinda jacked mine up. Surprising the balljoints where hella easy. I've read so many threads on them being impossible to press out. Then again I did use a 20ton press machine. I'm very used to this type of steering set up, but doing it for the first time on a beetle was a little challenging. So besides sorta jacking up my idler arm bracket and new bushing, the only other thing I did was attempt to crush my control arm when I went to press out the old rubber swaybar bushing. The socket I used was a tiny bit to big.. it's fine though.. maybe. Anyway it was fun. Next time it'll take me about 1/4 of the time. Though it kinda sucks buying all of this, like doing the struts, when later on in the not too future I'll be switching to the maxx struts or something similar.

Some dude was there who had a late 60's standard, and we were bs'ing. He tried to get my timming and carb tuned a bit, and it idles better now, but I think he attempted to do it like his, and now mine runs like crap when I give it any kinda gas. So I really needa grab a book and do it myself, and learn how. I have a Haynes, and Chilton and Muir book. I really wanna get the Bently, and maybe a carb specific book.

So next plan, is to buy a new idler arm bracket, bushing, and some other odds and ends to develope my own upgraded idler arm. Lots of plans on how to upgrade the existing set up. I'll see how that goes, and post my results.

Steve C
April 27th 2010, 18:54

I usually get the lower control arms bushes out by running a hole saw through the rubber, too late now to tell you I guess.