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April 29th 2010, 17:59
by Vujade
Dec 27, 2002

So you want to give your car the German Look treatment? Well you could begin by taking off all of the trim molding and welding up all the holes, then repaint your car. This way is ok if you haven’t painted your car yet, but what if you just repainted your car or don’t want to permanently change your cars appearance by welding up the holes? Well then that leaves you with only one option ... Blackout the trim.

There are a few ways to blackout the trim including powder coating and painting. We’ll be covering the latter method in this article.

Follow along as we cover this procedure step by step.

Supplies needed to complete job:
1 package of 220 grit sandpaper
1 can of Satin Black Paint (I used Dutchboy)
1 small flathead screwdriver
1 clean damp rag
Now follow along as all steps are described in detail :

Step 1 Body Trim Removal

Use a small flathead screwdriver to carefully pry off all side trim molding. Start at one end, moving down the trim about 6” at a time, being careful not to scratch your paint and careful not to break any of the clips that hold on the molding. Continue this process on all trim pieces until all have been successfully removed from your car.

Step 2 Sanding and Prepping Trim

First clean off any excess dirt and grime off each individual trim piece prior to any sanding of molding. Once all trim has been wiped clean using your clean damp rag, now sand each piece of molding using a small piece of 220 grit sandpaper. Hold each piece at one end with one hand and sand up and down the molding with your other hand. Molding usually doesn’t need a lot of sanding to be fully prepped. Repeat this whole process on all trim pieces. Now clean all trim pieces with your damp rag prior to painting.

Step 3 Painting (follow all instructions on your paint can)

Starting with your first trim piece, hold at one end and give short bursts of paint, (Versus holding down continually which will cause runs) *Cover 99% of the piece with paint. Now lay trim piece down on your work table and spray the end that you were holding and any missed spots. Repeat this process on all remaining trim pieces. Allow 20-30 minutes dry time between coats. Now repeat all parts of Step 3 for second coat of paint. Allow 20-30 minutes dry time before reattachment of trim to car. *No need to paint the back of your trim.

Step 4 Reattachment of Trim Molding

To reattach individual trim pieces, start at one end of trim piece and gently press over each individual clip, repeating process for all trim pieces. Congratulations! You’re done! You have now taken the first steps towards converting your stocker Volkswagen to a GL.