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June 24th 2010, 16:33
Not really GL

Hi! This is my 73 AutoX car
I started my VW life with a 70 a Baja. The 73 was supposed to be a temporary car while my Baja got painted. I was only going to drive the 73 for about a month and sell it when the Baja was finished. That was over 3 years ago and the Baja is still not done. (But thatís another story)

Here are the stats:
W110 cam
Kads Ė soon to be a turbocharged 40IDF

4 wheel disk brakes- just EMPIs, but they work
Droped spindles
ĺ in sway bars front and rear

I AutoX the car in both Phoenix and Tucson. I am classed in SSM (Super Street Modified). Iím currently running mid pack.


June 25th 2010, 00:30
Nice car! What kind of tires are you running, do you have any rubbing problems?

Also, do you have any oil starvation problems in the corners?

June 25th 2010, 02:07
Right now I'm running Kumos 195/50/15 in the front and 205/65/15 in the rear. They don't rub, But I did have to pull the fenters out a little. When I get some money, I plan on running 205/50/15 all the was around.

I over fill the engine a little, so I haven't had any starvation problems. The next engine will have a windage tray.

June 25th 2010, 12:23
Tires and driving skill will make the biggest difference. 205/50 15 sizes are easy to find and very cheap. You should be able to find good R comp tires (semi slicks) for around 100 or so. If you haven't done so already find a better seat, something that keeps you in one place :)

June 25th 2010, 17:37
I haven't found them for less that $160, but I'd love some R comps. I'll have to see how my sponsorships pan out.

As far as seats, I have some custom ones on order, just waiting for them to be finished.

June 26th 2010, 18:01
Mike!!!!! Hey, we need to get my car done so i can go out and run at the track w/ you...

June 26th 2010, 19:29
That, or you could co drive mine.

June 26th 2010, 19:56
No, we need to get me sponsored and finish the build already. it hasnt been worked on in a year.

June 27th 2010, 04:48
A man once asked, "If you have hot naked women in one hand and a tub of jelly in the other, which do you choose?"

And the wise master (Joey Tribbiani) replied, "Put your hands together!"

You can co-drive AND build your car.;)