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July 12th 2010, 21:26
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd Start a topic to present my car...

Its a blue 73 1303 convertible that was given to me when I got my driver's licence 3 years ago.

It wasn't stock then, it really isn't now.. But not totally german look in the sense that I've kept the look as original as possible on the outside.

Here's a list of what's underneath and inside :

Chassis :
- Big front and rear anti roll bars
- DKS shocks front and rear
- -5cm springs (red) (not convinced)
- Original discs in front
- Empi discs at the back
- Original wheels on 165/80/15 snow tires

Engine :
Started as a 1600DA, went to a 1776 for 5 years, back to a 1300DA when the 1776 died and now a 2007 type 1 engine (temporarily out)
- New AS41 case
- 78x90.5
- DRD 40x35.5 G03 heads
- L&G 295 camshaft + 1.25:1 rockers
- CSP Supercomp exhaust
- CB quicktune EFI with 40mm throttle bodies
- Full Flow with ventilated radiator
- DKS central air box
- BMD serpentine pulley
- 8x31 gearbox (should switch to a 914 5 speed gearbox)

Interior :
- Full leather interior
- Opel Kadett Recarro seats
- VDO gauges (oil pres + temp, rev counter)
- Alpine 114Bti stereo with 4 alpine speakers
- Eberspaecher heater
- BMW mini cooper S wind deflector adapted
- Proline center console
- Ski rack
- Dynamat insulation

The 2007 is actually out of the car and opened up since I've had my flywheel unsrew itself... But it'll be back soon...

I use my car as a daily driver, and I drive alot... I live between paris and geneva and travel by road at least once a month (550km) and back... I cruise at 130kph and often with the roof down (except in winter).

Now the pictures :

Here is the engine with EFI :

It began with a vintage speed hiflow exhaust and dual weber 40 IDF :

A picture in skiing mode :

I apparently have no pictures of the interior but I'll take some and post them later.

The next stage is getting the 2007 up and running again then a 914 5 speed gearbox and maybe some 16" fuchs wheels...



July 13th 2010, 01:19
Clean little ride!!! Looks like you enjoy it a lot.


July 13th 2010, 07:18
Can you post a link to DKS? Did not find anything in a fast search...

Very nice car!

July 13th 2010, 08:14
Nice project. Welcome to the GL forums.

July 13th 2010, 09:56
Thanks all for your kind words,

DKS is short for Die Kafer service, an italian company that produces nice products including the Tarox Disc brake kits... More here : DKS (http://www.deikaferservice.com/)

If you browse the website, you should know that the english version is very incomplete...

Here is a direct link to the air box : Air box (http://www.deikaferservice.com/estore/articolo.php?chiave=3605&codice=&par_chiave=&iniziolista=&lang=it)



November 21st 2010, 08:20
Hi all,

A quick long overdue update since during juin, my flywheel loosened itself and I got stuck dropping the engine in an underground parking (500km from home) and tightening the flywheel again. It worked for a while but on the road back home I stopped for fuel and while stopped, the engine ceased itself.

I ended up calling my brother to come with a trailer and had to open up the engine... Sent out the flywheel and the crankshaft to be modified for bigger studs which took much too long so I'm only closing the engine up now.

The crankcase is done and I'm headed to finish up the engine to return in the car during the week.

In the meanwhile, I've been driving with a non-refurbished 1300 and god its slow...

Fingers crossed, the 2007 should be working for a long time...