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November 20th 2010, 03:49
I often check into this site for tech info and thought I would post up my project as it consists of alot of Porsche parts but is really a truck (bus).
Not sure it is "German Look" but might be worth a chuckle.

I have owned this d.c. for about nine years, it is my second one, the first was my daily driver shop truck for a couple years but was too rusty to keep rolling without a full body restoration. This bus is also my daily shop truck, and all build decisions are made with that in context.

That is a photo of the d.c. as it was when I bought it.
It had a mild 2110 and re-geared transaxle still using the stock reduction boxes. It ran fine for about 10,000 miles till the forged crank snapped in two.

Next up I took the stock 1600 single port out of my Ghia and ran that for another year or so till the front bearing froze up and destroyed the spindle(I had the tow truck driver check the wheel before he put it in the sling and when he jacked up the front the entire wheel fell off in his hands!)

That was a sign to move onto my next plan, i.r.s the back and go to a ball joint/narrowed/adjustable front beam.
The Ghia that donated its heart and later sold to help the double cab build.

More to come.

November 20th 2010, 11:13
dude if you kill that split double cab i may have to get your address and hunt you down. if it were mine i would build a nice type 4 with a freeway flier and germanlook it. kinda like this one.

November 20th 2010, 16:26
^^^ I agreed.

Tony, I'll meet you there! :)


November 20th 2010, 18:58
Wow, tough crowd.

That carbon cab is very nice, have not seen that one before, would like to see more of that build as well.
As it happens my first build did include a type 4 in its design, a 2270 with 40mm Dells/ 2.0 rat-ham heads ect. I was deep into collecting parts for it when
Ken Churning ran off with the money for the built i.r.s. trans I ordered from him.I was many in long list of people he stole from, from feedback hero to straight-up thief in a month.

I picked up a cheap early 944 for parts(failed timing belt,what a surprise) and started pulling parts off.
I ordered A 4" narrowed/bay ball joint/adjustable/2.5"welded 944 drop spindles beam from Wagenswest which fit perfect and was well made.
I also got his i.r.s. kit which also fit and worked well.

I picked up a cheap 1835 type 1 to get the truck back on the road while I worked on the type 4 engine and wait for the trans. which would never come.

The hyper 1835 actually pushed it along fine, running through a free super beetle 3.88 trans. (had to hold it in fourth gear).
The 1835 lasted for about 5000 miles till it ended its abused life with a terminal crack in the case.


Need to figure out how to post images in correct spot, more to come.

November 20th 2010, 20:59
yeah!! i really like the way it looks in the second pic. the 2270 should work really well. i dont know about that fan and shroud combo. those things usually require some work to get equal cooling. when i had mine on my type1 another guy that had one told me the day he got his was the best and worst day for his vw. the best b/c of the way it looked,the worst b/c it didnt cool worth a dime. Sandeep and Wally have made some mods and there is a thread somewhere on the forums that covers it. btw we are not really a tough crowd we just love DCs and hate to see one mutilated. i would give a testicle to have one. the only problem is a testicle only covers a ragged one.

November 21st 2010, 09:44
Very nice DC. I am in the same camp as Laz. I would love to do a GL DC or Panel. I hate to hear you got the shaft on the transaxle. Finish the 2270 and find a transaxle. Don't cut up the DC. It is to nice for that.

November 21st 2010, 13:21
Well up to this point the d.c was running with a complete 944 n.a. braking system (braked better than any car I have driven, short of a open wheel race car) steel 944 rear arms, front seats out of the 944, and no cutting or welding to the truck.

The 2270 would be a good engine and as noted the Porsche shroud has issues, I was following the cooling thread back when it started and even tried to contact Sandeep to get some pictures of the air diverters.
I was at a turning point with the dead 1835 and and paid for but missing trans.

I had an idea while crawling around the 944 pulling parts about a mid-mounted 911 engine to a shortened torque tube to a 944 transaxle.
I would have a stock, powerful aircooled engine, a stock 5 speed transaxle with the option of affordable l.s.d., and a balanced chassis.

Thats when the cutting started.

November 21st 2010, 16:18
The new build specs:

84 911 3.2 engine

1990 944s2 suspension, including torsion swap,front spindles welded 2.5" drop
86 aluminum rear arms to reduce track
Bilstein coil-overs to increase spring rates(still using torsion bars fore and aft)

Complete braking system from 944s2 (turbo spec.)

I spent about a year researching and collecting parts then found a awesome fabricator Seth (his shop is called Twisted Minis) to do the welding and heavy fab work.

I have two build threads which have a bunch of photos and descriptions from Seth; The Samba under readers rides titled "Porsche Powered Mid-Engine Double Cab Build" and another thread on Pelican Parts in the vw/porsche conversion forum (same title)

74,000 mile 3.2 before I cleaned it up and had Seth rotate the intake for under seat clearence.

cleaned up a bit.

driveline mock-up.

November 21st 2010, 16:25
Hey 67DC,

I think everone shood cut this man some slack, at least the engine is still a air cooled one.
I have seen a lot of Bugs cut up for all types of engins on this site and everyone has been great with support and advice.
Man you have my support and good luck with the build there is a single cab with a porsche engine on the samba it was built in the Uk it is insane:eek:

November 21st 2010, 17:10
Hey Man,

here is the add i have seen the buil on the net someware?

Hey 67DC,

I think everone shood cut this man some slack, at least the engine is still a air cooled one.
I have seen a lot of Bugs cut up for all types of engins on this site and everyone has been great with support and advice.
Man you have my support and good luck with the build there is a single cab with a porsche engine on the samba it was built in the Uk it is insane:eek:

November 21st 2010, 17:26
The drive line mock up looks awesome! Please finish this project!

November 21st 2010, 17:56
Hey 666bug, I have seen that single cab build, very cool truck, much more detail and work than mine will ever see, as I am building for daily driver shop truck status.
Another over the top crazy bus is the race taxi, straight up race car(bus)!

Hey Wally, I am about 75% done, as you will see if you check out my other build threads. I am in a slow patch, trying to get some detailing done before drive-train re-install. I hope to be running by spring.

I am trying to load more pictures to get this site up to date but am having some issues (maybe cause I have a Mac).

off to Seth's towed by the anti-double cab

Seth balancing the d.c. on his head.


November 22nd 2010, 14:06
I've been keeping an eye on one of your other build threads, you definitely found a good fabricator there!

February 27th 2011, 15:34
Here are some shots of the drive train re-install. getting ready for another visit to the fabricator for exhaust/dry sump tank/hydraulic clutch/cable shifter ect...

February 27th 2011, 15:38
More shots of the shortened torque tube and 944s2 transaxle.

February 27th 2011, 16:12
awesome project!! il be watcing this one!

April 10th 2011, 11:41
Amazing build, would you mind talking a bit more about that suspension setup? specifically, where can I learn more about the "Bell / Crank" parts (yellow) and the coil over themselves?

wonderful work!

April 12th 2011, 03:18
Thanks all for the kind remarks,
and having Seth on board this build has made it better than I had hoped!

To jmd, I have now twice tried to post a detailed reply and had it not post so I will try again soon.

April 14th 2011, 02:23
The rocker arm suspension does a few things in my build, packaging constraints and the rocker itself has a 1.5 to 1 ratio to extend the Bilstein coil-over travel from 4" to 6".

I have ran 944 steel arms in a earlier version of the d.c.with the shocks mounted to the stock truck location, barely works for a shock and no way with a coil-over, so needs relocating.

Seth the fabricator can build anything, so location was based on keeping the new "trunk" clear and working with the existing structure for strength.

The shocks are gas filled so they can be oriented in any position.

Most race open wheel race cars have rocker suspension for aero reasons and weight location, both c.g. and unsprung.