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June 1st 2011, 03:29
I finally raced the bug over the w/end :) in a sprint event against the clock rather than other cars, the object being to iron out any bugs ready for the big tracks next w/end, It handled very well and is very 'chuckable' , no fluid leaks or unreliability so far, it runs in the modified saloon car class and finished 3rd on day one, and 5th on day two, all on budget street tyres, so all in all, beyond my expectation at this stage of shake down, all done with a misfire and fluffing at mid range revs, and huge disc pad knock back, which i kept quiet about in case they pulled me out;) i think its the rear wheel bearings play, a common problem on irs disc set ups.
No action shots yet as i could not get it up on two wheels on the rubbish rubber.:lmao:http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh114/spannermanager/Crystalpalace.jpg~original

June 1st 2011, 11:08
She looks pretty mean, lets get some more shots on of her in anger!


June 1st 2011, 13:04
triple posted...Gees, this site does some odd things, times me out ?, try again, etc etc etc, then all the tries come on at once:angry:
I should have the action stuff soon, ive sorted the missfire already, i wont know about the stoppers untill i need them tho:)

June 2nd 2011, 10:26
looks like a great first result. I will fix the triple post.

July 11th 2011, 15:17
Gentlemen, some trackside pics at last:rolleyes:the bug has impressed its deck lid shape into the memory banks of some unexpected conquests:D
even if it is coming from my usually modest self;) it is well ahead of where i expected it to be at this early stage of things, i was expecting the 'mechanical' head to be on for the first season of gauge watching and bits falling off, but i am able to get the 'driver' head on and mix the grid up a bit, the bug was all over the hotrod in the pic', which is multi valve vauxhall (GM) powered, ecotech? and weighs next to nothing, i got along side at one point but i needed more revs than i'de set on the limiter, as the motor is (was) not broken in fully, so i stayed put and also kept the yellow midget behind, another quick lightweight car, these all on 9" slicks by the way, i'm still on budget street tyres, so it looks bad for these guys when the bug gets it soft slicks next month, after I've paid the taxman of course:angry:.
I'll post up how it gets on...

fast Ed
July 11th 2011, 23:17
Well done! Be careful once the slicks go on, that's when ****e starts breaking! :p

Ed N.

July 12th 2011, 05:58
Great pics! What watercooled (judging from the large vents in front hood) POS engine do you run? :p:p

July 12th 2011, 12:16
Great Pics !

Looks like that POS :rolleyes: front suspension is working for you as well.

Please post more pics and experiences as they come :D