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October 24th 2011, 00:24
Some of you may have seen this over on The Samba, but I'm so pumped up I had to post it here as well. Today I took my 1973 Volkswagen Superbeetle German Look project out for some pics (by me).

It is a '73 Super with a Topline Parts MaXX strut conversion (with new bushings and strut brace), disc brakes conversion (drilled out for a 4x100 bolt pattern with press in studs), lowered 2 1/2", new interior with Scat Procar seats (modified to fit in the VW) and Watson Streetworks American Autowire wiring harness.

The motor is a 2187cc Type 1 based EMPI bubble head case based motor with CB Performance 044 heads (42x37.5), a CB 3qt sump, Scat 1.4:1 rockers and dual Weber IDF 44 carbs. The exhaust is a merged setup with an A1 muffler.

The interior is all new with a lot of dynamat laid down with new carpet over it. The rear seat was deleted, but replaced was a vinal wrapped shelf and speaker box.

Literally everything is new and so far is an absolute blast to drive (even though the carbs are a b**** to tune).


October 24th 2011, 07:39
Welcome. Nice ride.

Steve C
October 24th 2011, 17:49

Nice work, you got it looking really good. Did the Samba guys give you any grief over it being a Superbeetle?


October 25th 2011, 03:06
Nice Super, how do you feel about the Watson wiring harness? I have been looking into using one to replace my old wiring but I am a little put off since mine is a convertible and I want to keep the rear defrost and I am saving up for a subaru swap

October 25th 2011, 05:00
Nice 03, welcome!!!!

October 25th 2011, 12:01
Very clean car, great job! Got any more interior shots? What trans are you using in front of that big lump?

October 31st 2011, 07:39
The Samba folks were surprisingly nice, even though it isn't a Cal Look.

Anyways, the Watson Streetworks wiring kit was nice, but it doesn't install quite as cleanly as it is made out to be. Especially using the stock key switch, wiper switch and blinker switch. Beyond that I'm very happy with the wiring harness and I really like the fuse box. The extra circuits make my future plans (LED lighting under the seats and dash for example) easy to plan.

As for the interior shots, they're coming, just been a little busy with the birth of our second child. ;)

November 22nd 2011, 09:42
Finally got out a couple of days ago to get some interior shots. The tach is a temporary install (rough mount with a broken bezel).




December 1st 2011, 10:54
Looking good!!!

December 2nd 2011, 22:22
thats alright, i saw the post on the samba. the pics i saw were in the 17" wheel forum. looks good , i really like the seats. my son likes the color.

December 2nd 2011, 23:21
Looks Great! :goodjob:
Wife Agrees too! :thumbup:

December 20th 2011, 06:14
Nice car! do you have some pics thats shows how your seats are fixt to the flor?

December 20th 2011, 22:52
Noice !!!
What colour is it dude?

December 26th 2011, 18:25
No pics of the seat mount, it is the standard SCAT adapter for the Super. Really straight forward. The seats do NOT fit in the car, though, even with the right adapter. They are too tall and too wide at the shoulders. I stripped mine to the frame, bent in the shoulder "ears" and shaved a bunch of foam out of the seat bottom and sides to make it fit.

The color is a GM color from the 1994/95 factory color chart for Suburbans and trucks: Emerald Green Metallic.

Steve C
December 26th 2011, 20:57
Noice !!!
What colour is it dude?


That colour is stunning and really suits the lines of a bug.

There was a VW colour like that on MK1 Golf/Rabbits, it was called blue green metallic.