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June 22nd 2013, 15:42
Thought I would put a build thread here along with my thread at Nasioc.


June 22nd 2013, 15:44
Mendeola Suspension on a tube frame. The goal is to run Pikes Peak at least once and then street drive it. I will have two separate bolt in cages, one Pikes, one Street.

http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k636/GreatFX/MendRtRwheelside.jpg~original (http://s1119.photobucket.com/user/GreatFX/media/MendRtRwheelside.jpg.html)

June 22nd 2013, 15:46
275/18 front, 315/18 rear

http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k636/GreatFX/FalkentiresTRM.jpg~original (http://s1119.photobucket.com/user/GreatFX/media/FalkentiresTRM.jpg.html)

June 22nd 2013, 15:49
Front Suspension comparison. Will switch rack to Porsche GT3RSR rack and electric power steering courtesy of Flying Lizard Motorsport

http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k636/GreatFX/OverheadMendeola.jpg~original (http://s1119.photobucket.com/user/GreatFX/media/OverheadMendeola.jpg.html)

http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k636/GreatFX/ManxSteeringSet.jpg~original (http://s1119.photobucket.com/user/GreatFX/media/ManxSteeringSet.jpg.html)

June 23rd 2013, 04:02
Looks like fun! What's the motor specifics?

That steering column looks very familiar!!!


June 23rd 2013, 05:44
Does this mean we might see some progress soon?

June 23rd 2013, 17:40
There are supposed to be a lot of very cool parts on the way right now. Looking for the little brown truck to come driving up! Once the engine/trans is built out, I can determine mounts and height for rear body and start bending DOM.

Volkdent the engine is a low mileage 2004 STi with a Tigwerks build on exhaust headers, water to air intercooler, billet TGV deletes, 900 DW injectors, Boomba racing big throttle body and a Blouch 20g-xtr turbo, HydraMist and Hydra 2.7, . All exhaust and turbo hot section are Swain Tech White Lightning coated. TurboSmart Racing BOV and Wastegate. Coast Fabrication muffler with Tigwerks wastegate muffler both for street use. Exhaust tips in honor of the great 908/3. Will go with a built longblock after a shake out period. Should be fine at this HP level for now considering low weight. Falkens for street and track rain, also have some NT-01's for dry, Pikes will be Hoosiers.

June 24th 2013, 21:18

Comon brother, I can hardly wait to see this machine Driving!!!

Kevin "CoolRydes" Zagar
Mendeola Suspension & CoolRydes Customs

June 25th 2013, 10:54
Damn Randy, you're getting serious! That is an awesome project! BTW what steering rack are you using? Do you have it in your bug also? Any pics of it? Right now I'm looking at a VW Polo/Golf 1-2 steering rack.


July 1st 2013, 20:43
That is the 996 RSR steering rack right hand drive from Flying Lizards. It is an experienced part...

July 2nd 2013, 15:28
How are you in with Flying Lizard Racing?! Love that group, fun to watch. They used to be based out of Sonoma Raceway near me then they moved to CT. I liked to drive by and drool.


July 2nd 2013, 23:09
The factory allows some assistance to old friends with old parts...
The Lizards are great people and a great team. Hope they can hold out for the new 991.

July 3rd 2013, 07:53
The Lizards are my long time favorite GT team.

July 3rd 2013, 11:21

July 3rd 2013, 14:29
Look up the boys at: www.lizardms.com

July 3rd 2013, 21:43
I forgot to ask you, did Kevin build your front end to match the rack, or will you modify the rack ends to match what the front suspension was built for?


August 21st 2013, 13:53
I will be making the rack ends match the front suspension. Now will build cage for the 79 convert, send it to paint and then do cage on Manx. Off Longmire so I need to get it going while I can...