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December 12th 2018, 20:46
Its been a long time rebuilding my GL look bug after 13 years of storage. It has finally come out of the shed and off to the paint shop to get the 10cm wider guards fitted and painted.
The car is very dirty and will require a lot of detailing. Have decided not to use the tail at the back and go for the smooth look

17x 7.5 Turbo twists Front
18 x 9.5 Turbo Twists Rear
944 Alu arms and 944T brakes




December 13th 2018, 04:28
I thought it may be nice to look at the rebuild
Here is the front beam - its 2 inch narrowed to accommodate the dropped spindles and larger wheels


This is the front with the spindles painted and the Bilsteins mounted

And the last shot shows the late model Aluminum arms with late offset- hence the need for much wider rear wings- 10 cm. with a 20 mm spacer- so they could have been a bit less.

December 14th 2018, 04:09
How much clearancing did you do to get the rear spring plates to fit?

Steve C
December 16th 2018, 23:22

I cant wait to see more, nice colour, are you sticking with that colour?

What ET are your rears, I fitted 18x10 ET 65 on my car with early alloy arms with slightly wider rear mudguards.


December 17th 2018, 00:12
How much clearancing did you do to get the rear spring plates to fit?

I had no problem fitting the rear 944 spring plates and did no clearancing. A simple bolt up. Did you mean clearancing in a different area?
Best Regards

December 17th 2018, 00:36
Hello Steve, the ET on the wheels are 52mm.
The guards required a lot of work as the mounting lip was not well molded .
They are Mark V fiberglass from the states.
With some work from a professional paint shop they are now fitted and look nice .

AS you can see from the pictures.

The standard blade bumper actually looks fie with the fat rear. I thought I would have to widen and re profile it but I will leave it as it is.


Possibly may be painted by x mas. The trouble is the paint. I got the last 4 litres from the supplier - they unfortunately don't make it any more. The painter reckons they can get it really close and because the guards are separated by the fender beading , the eye tends to be a bit more forgiving.
I cant afford a complete re- spray:eek:


Steve C
December 17th 2018, 21:01
Some of my friends have said you need longer bumpers, but I think mine look OK.

I had to clearance my chassis for the spring plates like this

December 19th 2018, 22:56
Thanks Steve.

December 20th 2018, 06:14
3989 This is the last 4 liters to have been produced. Its 15 years ago the car was painted . The color matcher got it very close and blended the color into the old one .

3990 Very nice in the flesh

3991 going to be a big fat bottom on this one!!

Cant wait for the bill !$$. Ah well...

December 21st 2018, 04:23

Finally . The rear is painted and we are on our way home.
The beginning of the re install of the gear box and motor is next.

Really happy with how my wide ride looks.
I am surprised how the original blade bumper still looks ok

Here we are arriving off the tow truck . Wow ! In the sun it looks edible!!

Finally at home under the side pergola but with no motor in it I will need a lot of help getting Goliath back in the shed .
May need a winch as the rear drive way is pretty steep. May be just use the kids for pushing power!!

December 22nd 2018, 10:17
Ahh, it looks incredible! I would be quite happy with just how you have it. The rear bumper gives the rear a very sexy look! I have a set of alloy trailing arms I never intended to use, but when I see a car like this, it makes me rethink it. Soo annoying.

December 24th 2018, 08:48
Thanks John, I am glad you like my big fat VW

Now Finally- I got the family to help me pull the car back under the verandah.
Its now out of the hot Aussie Sun!!

I have taken a few shot but the car id Soooo Shiny it reflects everything- its a burgundy mirror!

The color changes depending on the light - it was sprayed with a black base coat - then 6 coats of color, then 4 clear coats.

Next I need to start the install on the motor and all that wiring :(
Happy X mas

December 25th 2018, 14:32
Wiring is the fun part!

(okay, apparently I enjoy torturing myself with cars...)

Steve C
December 26th 2018, 18:25
I see your in Adelaide, some nice cars come out of there, I know a few dubbers down there, nice people

January 1st 2019, 03:17
Thanks Steve . Yes a great community of folks who love VWs:)

January 1st 2019, 03:31
Here are some pics of the car undergoing the rebuild .
The motor is all ready . It has the new custom Python style collector . I have never been a fan of the traditional one sticking out the rear and I need the ground clearance !

Then we have the gearbox which is a single side plated 1973 with a Quaife Diff and custom ratios. I have added a front tranny support . Will be interesting to see how that goes. The aim is to stop any axle -tramp on acceleration . .You may have noticed that there is a small mod needed to run the inner CV joint on mine as I am using a Kombi CV output from the box. This means the CV bolt holes on the CV flange/grease retainer needed reaming out slightly.

Then there is the picture of the clearance between the new 944T spring plates and the pan mounts. Its tight and as some have had to clearance this area I wait to see but there is no bind .

Finally there is a shot of the plumbing for the 944T master cylinder. A little creative angle implementation and all fits . I have subsequently bled the brakes and the pedal is excellent. I really have not noticed much difference from the standard cylinder. May be a little further travel.

January 1st 2019, 03:38

Steve C
January 1st 2019, 19:04

Nice work, I welded the head of the front clamping bolt to the spring plate, otherwise its very hard to tighten it. I also bought a 36mm viscous clutch fan spanner on eBay to move the height adjusting eccentric bolt, the spanner is very thin.

The bolts on the rear of the spring plate sit much closer to the chassis on my car. I'm using Beetle inner torsion bar grommets and urethane 944 outers.


February 24th 2019, 07:34
Well there has been some progress with the car. I managed to lift the motor onto the ill be easier to put in with the motor out. .4024
Note the gearbox has Kombi drive shaft outputs and hence runs larger stubs from the tranny. This means the clearance between the CV joint is VERY CLOSE - but you don't need much- apparently a small gap remains a small gap- well I am going to find out. rolled and bring it down the cement ramp to meet its future home. Then I remembered what a PITA this motor is to get in- It requires taking off the A1 sidewinder exhaust and then the valve covers( as its sooo wide!)4023
Then once I put it in it needs everything else added
Yes correct- its basically a long-lock minus valve covers- only way I can get it to clearance the body work. I should have a removable rear that would have been a lot easier !!

Any how the Porsche 86 Carerra gauges still light up. The brakes have been bled . The long steering arm shortened- because of the 2 inch narrowed front end - and this gives me more adjustability.
While I am almost ready - I thought I would re-do and re-pack the 944Turbo drive shafts and boots!!4022