View Full Version : Future of Germanlook.net in 2023

April 27th 2023, 14:17
Hey All,
The site is not getting much traffic, and I've been super busy like everyone else. Should we keep the site going? If so, is anyone interested in taking over?


April 27th 2023, 15:04
Hello Jarrod

First of all...YES, it would be nice if the site stayed online.

Even if very little is written here, it is a constant starting point for me.
I don't see your lack of time as an immediate problem, because with the little traffic, there's not really anything to moderate.

If help is needed for funding, I think the few active members will be willing to help.

May 2nd 2023, 03:50
I admit that I'm haven't been a frequent visitor but lately more and more again and still love the available information here. when I started this hobby there was nothing like this and I (we) had to learn it by doing or hearing from others.

I'm a virtual digi-idiot so taking over is a no-no for me.

But as the info you get at facebook etc. is like dry ice, I regard sites like these and Shoptalkforums as our libraries and although traffic is low I for one would be very sad if all this information would disappear.


May 3rd 2023, 01:07
How do we market this site to get people off stupid Facebook / Meta groups that make it really tough to find things since its like the wall at a rest stop on the highway?

May 5th 2023, 02:27

Let's see if my reply will be posted this time.
I'm not a very regular visitor anymore and I'm a digi-idiot so don't expect me to take over. :)

Instead of the info on Facebook etc. where the information is like dry ice, one moment it's here and the next nowhere to be found, sites like Germanlook are a virtual library and it would be a shame if all this information would disappear.


May 9th 2023, 05:42
I agree with the earlier comments.
In the Netherlands we already lost the Keversite, which was a huge library of air cooled info (for my opinion)
I neither have the time nor the funds for helping out moderating or other things that are needed for keeping this in the air.
But this forum has valuable info, which I use for my own (very, very long) restauration and upgrade plans.

And the project page is really nice, only to see what others are doing to their air cooled love.

All this info would not be easily available on the social media pages.
So please keep up the good work!

December 19th 2023, 19:04
I know you posted this some time ago. I, for one, do refer to this site from time to time as a resource for info. I would appreciate keeping it going. My site, SuperBeetles Only! was an excellent source for all things Super Beetle, but provider site instability ultimately forced the page to go to Facebook. The Facebook page is still going and reasonably active, but it's just not the same as the old page with tons of fact checked info. If funds are needed, I'm willing to contribute.

Thanks for keeping going this long. I'm building my current car is a sorta Outlaw look. Perhaps I can post some info along those lines as I get more work done on the car.