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January 1st 1970, 00:00

August 19th 2002, 09:04
Hey Trev, fancy meeting you here!!:D

I'm glad that you're showing up on Sunday - I won't be alone amongst the GTI boys!!

September 21st 2002, 17:31
Just in case anyone's interested, I'm taking my bug off the road in the next month or so for the winter, and I'm planning a few little jobs...
1. Lift the body and convert the swing axle to IRS.
2. Install a 1600 1302S gearbox.
3. Fit CB dropped spindles to front axle
4. Sort out rear disk brakes re: master cylinder size versus rear caliper piston size.
5. One piece windows (maybe, haven't decided yet!)
6. Carbon Fibre motorbike exhaust on 4-1 header
7. Maybe start a new project...

October 10th 2002, 07:37
I've updated my website...

carbon fibre exhaust and kamei spoiler...

February 24th 2004, 09:07
updated the subaru project website:

see below... :)