View Full Version : Ceramic lifters in Canada, Group install for Type 4

December 12th 2003, 02:37
Posted in behalf of Mark the Canuck with the permission of LNEngineering:

Mark of Markís Aircooled, will be selling and installing LN Engineeringís type 4 ceramic lifters in Canada. You must purchase your lifters (from me) and I will machine your case (a $25USD value) with LNís own tooling for no extra charge.

No worries about flat cam syndrome on your expensive T4 engine build, and if you donít like your cam you donít have to buy new lifters, just reuse them.

Although we donít get a big discount, you donít have to send your case to the USA for machining with all the shipping etc. hassles and costs.

The lifters are $429USD plus applicable taxes. Shipping, brokerage and tool return costs will be split with however many people are in the deal. Charles doesnít get much of a mark-up on the lifters, but if we do get more than 6 sets (Iím # one) I will knock $20USD off of the price of each set. We will do the dollar exchange upon ordering.

This Offer will end around mid February (TBA) 2004, all money and T4 engine cases must be sent in by that time. It will then be 6-8 weeks before I have the lifters and tooling from LN Engineering, 1 week for machining and shipping. Delivery expected for the first of May 2004.

This may be a one-time deal, at least it will only happen only once each spring. If youíve been thinking of these lifters nowís your chance.

Iím just over an hour east of Toronto, with a drop-off available in Oshawa. Also Post and UPS comes right to my door.
Contact me directly at: mhenry69@sympatico.ca or 905 797 2677 daytime EST.

For details on LN Engineeringís Ceramic lifters check out: http://www.lnengineering.com/index.html

Also check out my Nickies group buy :