View Full Version : iam back

February 1st 2004, 07:06
hi all, sorry for no responses lately ive been to Germany on a car and parts hunt. well i purchased 2 westys both type4 powered , 2 x fire buses real low mileage 1 type4 powered 1 type1 powered, and best of all 2 yes 2 1952 crotch cooler split beetles. both have parts missing like lights and have the wrong weels on them , and are from the old east Germany so have been updated with the wrong parts etc just to keep them on the road . but the body and floor pans are real good, 1 will be germanlooked and the other will be cal looked or maybe a stock resto not quite sure what to do yet but for sure 1 will be G.L . all the best Lee L.A.P

February 1st 2004, 08:12
welcome back and congrats on your finds :laugh: