View Full Version : Questions about kafer.chriss ride

February 19th 2004, 19:35
Click here (http://www.germanlook.com/Html/MembersRides/ViewVehicle.php?RideID=130) for more information on this ride.

January 2nd 2006, 22:56
hey chris tell us more about your convertible !! :)

August 17th 2006, 15:22
its soon to be complete see you at spa 2007..

bring your splitty ..

engine in at LA Performance soon ready

and chassis is going for fettle and finish...

body in for welding then black ....

then the big reunion and rewire and tidy the last few ends...

sounds good if you say it like that...

god it better be good ....

2056cc in a type 4 flavour with hood down cruising to spa ...

can not wait ..