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82 Silverburst
November 3rd 2004, 10:45
Click here (http://www.germanlook.com/Html/MembersRides/ViewVehicle.php?RideID=176) for more information on this ride.

November 3rd 2004, 17:00
welcome aboard Ryan. got your email. i think we can let you in. ;)

November 14th 2004, 10:59
Coming along nicely. Hope mine turns out that well. I really like those taillights!

December 8th 2005, 16:14
hey Silver, is your rear spoiler from Empi (sold through CIP1)?

December 8th 2005, 23:45
82Silverburst is my son and I built his car for him. Yes it started life as an EMPI tail from CIP1. It was cutdown and scribed/profiled to fit the curves of the decklidand a new bonding lip was built up on the inside. It was also opened up on the top and a stainless grill was fabbed up for the opening to ad so ram air into the engine bay. Out of the box they don't fit too well.

December 9th 2005, 06:48
Thanks NoH2O, I have great respect for your work and and would so like to have a father like you that helps me out through my Beetle madness!!! But I'm seeking something that is the closest to a ducktail from a 1973 Porsche 2.7 RS. I see that the Empi is a little too perpendicular to the body, if you know what I mean. Do you have any suggestions? I guess I could rework it. Since it has to be custom fitted anyways. Thanks for the info.

December 9th 2005, 10:02
You can put it at any angle you want to if you scribe it. That one is the a lower angle as the RS but the Beetles lines and the 911RS lines are very different. The "glass on lip" of the EMPI tail doesn't lay on a late model decklid very well so we cut it off. Then got the angle and contact lines close buy eye. Then took a divider (pointed compas), set it to the largest gap and scribed the tail by following the lines of the decklid. Sand the tail to the scribe mark and fine tune it until it sits on the decklid with no gaps and looks like a factory fit. Wax the decklid (do not remove the wax) for a parting agent and build a lip on the inside with cloth and resin (I did this thru the 5x18 inch opening I cut for the intake grill) while the tail is held on with duct tape straps. When it is cured, remove the tape straps, pop the tail off. Clean up and trim the lip you just made. Cut the decklid for the intake air to get to the engine bay. Bond the tail to the decklid with a bonding glue called "Fusion" (made for boding fiberglass to steel) and a few countersank rivits from the inside. Final prep and paint. Weld up a grill that will fit the opening from 1/8x3/4 stock then tack a heavy screen to the back side of the grill. Form the grill to fit the curve of the tail so it will not pull and crack the tail.

December 9th 2005, 17:51
WOW many thanks. I didn't expected that much. I always wondered what was used to fix these tails to the decklid. :D Made my day.

December 9th 2005, 21:11
No problem. Glad to help.