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January 1st 1970, 00:00

December 11th 2002, 02:59
Like your car!
Do you have the later steering housing (no steering damper), post 08-1974?
Especially interested in the 915 gear box installation: Did you have to cut out the torsion bar housing in order to place the box far enough to the front of the car? What did you have to renove from the chassis (upper part of the nose cone of the 915) to be able to install it? Did yo use the 914 driving flanges to adapt the CV's (bus?) to the gearbox? Did you use the original beetle axles (length?)

December 11th 2002, 21:35

The steering system is late 1974 Superbeetle. It's not the rack and pinion system; it's worm and ring. It does have a steering damper though. Late model struts.

I had a 901 box in the car. The 915 is sitting in my garage. I have taken measurements and I will need to figure something out as far as fitment of the nosecone. The flanges I'm using are off of a 901 box. The nosecone; I am trying to adapt a 901 cone to it. I'm not sure how it will work at this time. As far as axles and flanges; the car is going through surgery right now so it will depend on how everything lines up. The front spindles are being swapped out for 944 units with 993/996 brakes (monoblock calipers), the rear is being swapped out for 944 trailing arms and shafts with Porsche brakes as well. A lot of the fitment of the box and drive shafts will have to be trial and error.

Other current modifications are: Kevlar shroud from Sharpbuilt, front RACIMEX oil cooler with thermostat, and dry sump lubrication system. Also, I'm trying to mold a Kevlar Kamei spoiler. Lots of stuff on the list!

I will take many pictures of all the modifications and have descriptions to post as well.

Thanks for the comments. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.