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January 1st 1970, 00:00

October 16th 2002, 07:18
glad you finally are getting that bad boy on here. we can take some pics with my digi cam when i come down to pick up the stuff from scott this week sometime. we can chat today. give me a call.

October 16th 2002, 17:01
Yes I am slow, I'll call you as soon as my kids give up the phone. :takethat:

marco the T.S.E
December 18th 2002, 17:36
hi NO_H2O,
you must realy not like H2o to use that as your name!!!;), Ill take you for a ride in my H2o powered car and you WILL be changing your name!!!:D :D

nice car mate!

December 20th 2002, 09:16
I have 2 water cooled cars, well 1 car,1 truck. I like my VW's air cooled! It's that VWOA thing. As for my GL, Thanks it is almost done. She is on the floor now, getting stereo and bumpers with signal/brake/tail lights in them.

January 24th 2003, 07:06
Sharp ride :D

January 24th 2003, 09:19
Looking good Dave!

January 24th 2003, 09:50
Thanks Ya'll, glad you like it.

Ron Roberts
June 14th 2003, 10:33
Could you tell me where I can get some of theos cool cup holders?

June 14th 2003, 11:06
The cup holder is called Plug-N-Chug I bought it from the Man who developed it at a show in Toccoa GA. He sells them thru Foreign Policy.
It replaces the ash try, take a little tip, remove or cut out the spring that helps push the ash try out when you install it or it will push the thing out when it is empty. With the spring disabled it is great.:D

Blue Thunder
January 3rd 2005, 12:38
Wow, very cool car! :eek: Excellent interior work and details, I wish my interior looked like that :cool:
And great year of build ;)

How do you like the DTM coolingsystem? I've read and heard a lot of good stuff about it. Is it really much better than a Porsche cooling system (in your opinion) or is it comparable?

Grtz. Robin

January 3rd 2005, 13:43
I built my engine at Jakes shop and helped with the cooling system tests while I was up there. I can tell you first hand after seeing all the systems you can think of go head to head, yes the DTM is the top cooling system out there. After much trial and error Jake has got it right.
Thanks for the nice comments on my car. Your car is very nice also. Love the video. :agree:

November 6th 2005, 01:52
okay, just clearing up, the exterior is black, and the interior is gray? or black?

November 6th 2005, 06:36
The interior is Black for the most part, the front seats are Black with Grey accents.

December 11th 2005, 13:44
cool....im restoring a 1302S and as it is i really want the exterior of the car to be black ( i love black cars) and the majority of the interior was stripped from a donor car...so the headliner and rear carpet and so on are black, so are the door panels (stock). so im just trying to find out if black exterior and mostly black interior will still look good. your car does :D

December 11th 2005, 14:59
As you can tell, I love black too. It is a pain to keep clean but it looks great when it is clean.
Thanks for the kind words.