View Full Version : new items for 2005

January 2nd 2005, 10:16
happy new year to all of u. thanks for your support in 2004. new for 2005 from L.A.P, 1303 front carbon wings carbon race style seats, type4 horizontal carbon 911 fan kit (bolt on) , carbon 70,s style bug bonnet, and best of all our very own type4 aluminium nicasil barrells (pics attached), and before any one has a chance to say it no we have not ripped off LN engineerings own, these have been in the pipeline for 2 years , our first efforts went into ceramic plating but we had problems with the ceramic plate not our fault but in the plating procedure when they sort this out which they will we will go back to this but for the meantime will stick to nicasil, i do not intend to steel any bussiness off LN, thats not the way we work, our cylinders our for our race cars first and formost .we may go into selling them to the public we are not sure yet depends on demand, we have also made some pistons but we need to do some hardcore testing on these , made from the same material that a famous F1 team use we will have to see how this pans out. all the best Lee ARNOLD L.A.Performance