View Full Version : Questions about Jimbos ride

January 15th 2005, 14:06
Click here (http://www.germanlook.com/Html/MembersRides/ViewVehicle.php?RideID=191) for more information on this ride.

January 21st 2005, 09:22
Sure I saw this bug at VW action in the UK
Nice looking bug, where did you get the bumpers from?

January 22nd 2005, 13:07
Yeah I was at VW action, it was my bugs first outing. Hopefully get to some more shows during 2005. I got the bumpers from LA performance and I've added golf clear indicators in the front bumper.

January 22nd 2005, 18:15
very nice car. well done...and tasteful. love the color.

Al B
January 23rd 2005, 18:57
I remember seeing it at Action too!!

VERY VERY nicely done!!

'love the carbon.

Al B

January 25th 2005, 13:46
Your comments are much appreciated, this is my first ever project and the car has been in the family since I was 5 (I'm now 26). My dad had it originally for years and then passed it on to me when I was old enough to drive. I managed to maintain it and drive it daily for a couple of years and then decided to do a full on restoration and create a german looker. I did all the work myself ,apart from the paint. Now its on the road I keep thinking of other things to do on it such as adding naca ducts in rear windows, adding Nitrous, high ratio gearbox. Thing is, now my dad says he wants it back!!