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January 1st 1970, 00:00

Michael Ghia
December 29th 2003, 15:45
Any chance of a pic or 2 of the bug?
Also whats the spec?
Mike Ghia

January 5th 2004, 14:34
Here's a general rundown:

17x7 and 8.5" Boxster Twists with Nitto 555 205-40-17 front and 245-45-17 rear tires. Suspension in front is MaXX struts with a 7/8" swaybar. Rear is stock, but I have a 3/4" swaybar and adjustable spring plates waiting to go on in the spring.

Color is VW Vortex Blue, aka Soft Blue. Body molding and turn signals are shaved. Chrome bumpers will be replaced with LA Performance carbon fiber bumpers in the spring. New Beetle side markers, 3rd brake light, and 360 Modena rear wing made for the New Beetle. Bosch Fuba antenna with Honda s2000 mast.

Engine is a 1600cc T1 with dual 40mm IDF's, 1 3/8" header into a 2.5" phatboy (magnaflow) muffler. Bosch blue coil, 009 dizzy with comp-u-fire. Planning a Raby Superhero engine one of these days. Transmission is a standard 4 speed with a 901 5-speed waiting for a big engine.

Interior has Scat/Procar Rave seats in black vinyl. Rear seat is going to be deleted. 914 and VDO gauges in the dash with Carbon Joe blue carbon gauge panels.

That's about it.


and a shameless plug for my Dad's 85 Widebody


Michael Ghia
January 5th 2004, 15:02
Looks great,
What brakes are you running and have you used adaptors (what thickness are they in mm?) or just re-drilled the drums and disks?

Mike Ghia

January 6th 2004, 09:41
Re drilled Disks up front, cross drilled and slotted and a 3/8" spacer from Topline. Rear I have 5x130 drums from CSP and a 1" spacer all under 1 1/4" wider fiberglass fenders from Creative Car Craft.

In the future I'll probably go with one of the Franklin's VW Werks brake kits up front and undecided in the back.

Any more questions? Just ask!