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Al B
January 1st 1970, 00:00

December 7th 2002, 23:50
Hi Al B
Just noticed the pics of your car in the members rides. Very nice. Love the details in both the body work and floor pan. I'm about to powder coat my floorpan. Red and silver. I was wondering how you did the contrasting colors, yellow and silver, on your front beam. Is it painted, or powder coated? Doing different colors on either side of the shock towers must have been tricky. I can't make out the color of the tie rods. Are they silver or yellow? I'm planning on silver my self. Did you paint/powder coat the steering box and master cylinder? I'm not sure if these pieces will stand up well to the heat of powder coating so I plan to use black POR 15 on them (and the ball joints). My rear suspension will be all silver (like yours) with a bit of chrome here and there. On the interior the pedal assembly and emergency brake lever will be silver, as will be the roll cage. If your have any more pictures of the details I'd appreciate a look at them. Thanks. Again, kudos on such a clean looking car.

Al B
December 8th 2002, 20:20
Hi Carl

thanks for the kind words about my car, glad 'you like it.

as regards the floorpan it's a mixture of powder coating (on all the ancill's/bolt on stuff) and two pack paint on the 'pan itself. Although the beam itself is painted. The tie rods are both silver and yellow, predominantly silver with a yellow srtipe spiral. The steering box and master cylinder have both just been painted, you're right they can't stand the heat!

The rear end sounds a lot like your's will, I've got a few chrome goodies thrown in, just to be different - clean

My interior is still being finalised..... sort of but again it sounds pretty similar to what you're planning, great minds think alike eh?

I've got a few pic's that you might be interested in and I'll see if i can post them below..................... if not I'll mail them to ya

thanks again for the kind words

Al B






December 8th 2002, 21:53
Hi Al-B

Thanks for the prompt reply. Just came across your car (again) on ShopTalk. Left a post there for you, which with your reply you just answered. :) The link to your pictures is fine but I'd need a name and password to enter. Better just to email them to me directly at: leap-n-lizard@rogers.com I plan to powder coat (red) the pan and majority of the suspension. Paint (silver) the remaining details on the rest. I have an IRS rear suspension, so will be different from yours. Will chrome the spring plates. I have all the parts and hope to have the majority of the work done by spring. Will share pics when its completed. Thanks again.

Al B
December 11th 2002, 15:01

you've got mail.

Sorry that the links didn't work, keep in touch

Al B

Ron Roberts
December 13th 2002, 20:15
That pan looks so good its a shame to put a body on it!:D


December 13th 2002, 22:44
I agree Ron. You should see the rest of the pan pics. The detail is amazing. But then again, take a closer look at the work he has done on the body. Not too shaby eh. I can't imagine the hours of work that went into that project. Certainly more than I can bank roll (as I don't have the talent or time to do the required work myself). But it certainly is an inspiration to see that quality of work. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Al's car in some glossy magazine. :D

Al B
March 28th 2003, 07:13
just a couple of new pics................

Al B
March 2nd 2004, 08:54
Just changed the photos in the gallery.............

but it looks better than this now, more Gucci kit!

Al B

Al B
January 5th 2005, 17:58
pic change again..............