View Full Version : Questions about vw trins ride

vw trin
February 21st 2006, 02:08
Click here (http://www.germanlook.com/Html/MembersRides/ViewVehicle.php?RideID=246) for more information on this ride.

February 21st 2006, 07:51
Verry nice bug and wheels!!

Looks cool.

Can you post some pics here so I can save them on my computer?


vw trin
February 22nd 2006, 07:17
go 2 thesamba.com 4 more pics look 4 "sour 73" thanx again...vw trin

February 23rd 2006, 23:59
Nice ride trins, so why are you selling it?

vw trin
February 24th 2006, 05:57
i am selling for 4 reasons: #1 to offer the cleanest car possible!!! #2 to offer the fairest deal possible!!! #3 to fund a new vw project!!! #4 its my VOLKATION!!!

February 26th 2006, 22:39
Got any interior shots?

I looked on Samba but didnt see any other pictures other than whats here. Can you send them to my email account?

March 1st 2006, 08:13
disregard this post.