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September 19th 2006, 22:09
That's right. We need to do this quick. Lanner at vdubengineering is running a sale on "cup braces" 5% off and free shipping to the US. If we do a group buy He said "I will take another 5% off" (that's 10% total :eek: ), and still free shipping :eek: . Who ever want's in, needs to speak up soon. Post here, or PM Me with details for yours. I have four orders already waiting, and was given the suggestion to post here. This won't last long ( I need my brace).

September 19th 2006, 22:52
count me in.:agree:

September 20th 2006, 03:58
I still need one, how much are we talking here? and where do I send the money? Thanks JR

September 20th 2006, 15:03
I'm definintely in!

I had already started listing my details here (http://www.germanlook.com/Forums/showthread.php?p=53623#post53623).

September 20th 2006, 21:30
jrinlv, you have a PM

September 20th 2006, 21:31
iamstumper, you also have a PM

September 22nd 2006, 21:57
Ok everybody, this group buy is closing soon. I've got six so far.

September 26th 2006, 23:05
This Friday (29th) is the cut-off date :eek: . This is for takers on the gruppe buy, not dead line for receiving payments.


October 24th 2006, 12:27
The border has caused some grief. The IMO was stuck there for 9 days! According to the tracking number, it's on the way. I'm gonna start shipping tommorow.

One question for all the participants:

If you are using the 944 alum arms, please let me know asap via email (lanner@vdubengineering.com). With the alum arms, I can include a spacer to move the upper portion of the shock out, thereby keeping it vertical. Also, longer bolts are included.


October 24th 2006, 15:41
I am using alum arms, I did not know this, so thanks for the info....and only speaking for myself,but take your time...Thanks again JR

October 24th 2006, 23:27
Damm I just bought a 5 point one from Lanner last week

October 25th 2006, 10:23
Finally got the IMO. Parts are shipping today/tommorow. I want to thank everyone for their support. Also, a pat on the back to Mr. 24/7 for his hard work in organizing. Good man Danny.


October 25th 2006, 12:12
I was sweating it for a few days. I kept thinking about those damn customs forms (second guessing myself) being filled out right... I guess they were right... no men in uniform, or black suits knocked on your door right? :laugh:

Lanner you are the best Company to work with, Hands down!

Big thanks go to you for putting on the sale!

October 26th 2006, 08:39
Very cool. Thanks Lanner, can't wait to get mine instaled (because that will also mean my type 4 is going in).
Great job Danny.:agree:

October 27th 2006, 17:40
thanks to all for a deal gone good!!!!! i like seeing the members supporting the site sponsors and visa versa.

October 27th 2006, 21:59
MIne is going in a standard beetle with original trailing arms.

Thanks for the sale and for working with Danny to put this together.

Danny, thanks a lot for getting this done.....one question....is the brace coming in a plywood box......or do I need to reinforce the floor with plywood????

October 27th 2006, 22:05
Nigel, It comes in a stainless steel box with a plywood bottom! :laugh: :laugh:

October 29th 2006, 22:00

October 29th 2006, 23:21
Just look under the box when you get it Nigel... you'll see. :laugh: :laugh:

October 30th 2006, 18:45
I got the 4 that I ordered today. And Nigel will be pleased to know that the end caps of the packages are plywood.:agree: :laugh:

October 30th 2006, 22:06
Gee! Mine had plywood too... Nigel will be happy :laugh: !

Everyone else in the gruppe buy should be getting theirs very soon too! Please post when you get them.

October 31st 2006, 12:53
I got mine today, Wow, this sceams quality, so nice, Thanks all for the good deal, I will send pics when I get it installed, Thx....JR

October 31st 2006, 22:12
When I came home mine was waiting for me too....with plywood ends, thanks Danny!!!

November 3rd 2006, 14:34
Sorry about the late post!

I recieved mine the 30th of October. Of course, that is also when my home pc decided to die :bawling:

First day at work (and that I have a internet connection) and I figured I'd post that mine made it along with the helpful reminder from Danny! :D

Danny - Thanks a lot for putting this group buy together!
Lanner - Thanks for such great products and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

November 3rd 2006, 15:03
The packing of the kit was great also, very tight and thought out, Thank you. JR