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Bugged August 19th 2013 23:59

New 1303 Dash
Glassaction's newest addition. They happen to be about an hour from my house so I was thinking of maybe taking a trip down there. What do ya'll think?
Sorry the pictures are so big.

H2OSB October 9th 2014 18:30

I think it looks awesome. LOTS of room for various guages and switches. I am almost CERTAIN these guys had a booth at the VW Classic.

***EDIT*** OMG I'm so embarrassed! I didn't even look to see how old this post was. Still, I like the dash. ***EDIT***

Scotts73SB October 9th 2014 23:17

Only 4 years old haha..

I agree looks nice.. looks better in black tho!

Humble October 12th 2014 15:45

Well thanks for dredging it up at any rate, I might grab one of these for the race bug.

H2OSB October 13th 2014 01:46

I wrote to the company that makes this dash a couple of days ago. Real nice guy who responded. I had seen their booth down at the VW Classic earlier this year. The dash is a two piece upper/lower design that is then bonded together. The price is down to $229 now.

According to their website, the dash comes with all of the stock openings already cut out for knobs, switches and ashtray.

LLVWGL January 29th 2020 19:00

looks like a great deal! .... I should have done this instead of widening the gauge pod and having mine re-covered. Upholstery alone was ~$500

H2OSB January 29th 2020 19:42

Ah, but I bet your dash looks good. There's no cheap way to go with these old dashes, just variations in cost. The Glass Action dash isn't the nicest dash on the market, but its a reasonably priced way to get additional guages.


cookvw February 7th 2020 00:22

the link doesnt work for me.

Scotts73SB February 8th 2020 00:42

New website for them.. here is the "Dashboard" section..

LLVWGL February 17th 2020 14:42

testing photo upload..

H2OSB February 17th 2020 14:58

Wow! Nice. What dash is that?

LLVWGL February 17th 2020 15:20


Originally Posted by H2OSB (Post 91731)
Wow! Nice. What dash is that?

Custom made in my garage! :)

Cut the stock hooded cluster clean in half, and out of the dash, then re-welded farther apart.

Used spray foam from the Orange Box store, sanded/shaped then took to my upholstery shop.

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