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vujade February 18th 2003 01:39

No show at the Miami show
I wasnt able to go to the Miami Volksblast this past weekend. :(

Both my brother & wife bailed on me & I didnt feel like driving 4 hours by myself.

O well, I will definitely be at Downey Park in Orlando on March 17 & Jax Beach show on March 30

Superman February 18th 2003 01:58

I have family in Orlando and next time I visit I'll look you up.

vujade February 18th 2003 02:14

that would be awesome Supe!

zen February 18th 2003 12:36

obviously i bailed on going too. on the 3/30 show, doesn't Fisher have their show that same weekend? isn't that a huge show? how good is the JAX turn out then? melodee and i were planning on hitting the 3/30 show unless we decide to go to N vs. S the following weekend.

vujade February 18th 2003 12:57

Yes fisher is having a show that weekend, but he usually has it in early May & no it never is a big show turnout (never!). For the most part, the Fisher show is about drag racing, there is usually only about 50 cars in the show.

I will be going to Jax on the 30th :)

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