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NO_H2O June 1st 2004 07:23

Look what I found at work last night
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I was over at air cargo last night and found 2 yes 2 Carrera GT's on pallets outside Lufthansa Cargo. Sorry about the blurry pic, my other hand was (((((((((((((busy)))))))))))))

NYBugman1972 June 1st 2004 09:31

Woah... :eek:

If you like the C-GT, then DL Top Gear's review of one.

I think everyone will be pleased (WARNING: Server may be slow. 56K need not apply. Gratuitous Porsche content.)

Timmy_Barns June 1st 2004 16:04

Oh good my Carreras came....I wish. Those things are sweet. I got to sit in one at the Detroit Auto Show....Maybe.....maybe that was just a 911 I cant remember, but I thought it was one of those. Dang those are hot.

NO_H2O June 1st 2004 17:13

I love Top Gear, I wish we could see that show here in GA. We get BBC but I have never caught Top Gear on it.
I was woundering if I could have hit the shipping sheet with some white out and a pen and have one show up at my house. :laugh: Would have been fun to get one off the pallet and get clearance from ATL ground for a high speed around the outer taxi-way Lima :eek:

yetibone June 1st 2004 18:37

were the keys inside?!?! :eek:

NO_H2O June 1st 2004 18:43

yep, it looked like the keys where in them.

boygenius June 1st 2004 19:54


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
yep, it looked like the keys where in them.

Sooooo Tempting...........

You must have the coolest job... At least this week... :laugh:

zen June 1st 2004 20:17

you just can't get good help these days. i told them BLACK, not silver. :eek: :agree:

DORIGTT June 1st 2004 22:38

The cool part for me is that one is probably headed to my dealership :D

I am an automotive sales consultant for Cook Imports (Porsche, Audi, VW, Nissan and Mazda) in Farmington Hills, MI. One of our customers ordered a Carrera GT for himself and two 911 twin turbos for his kids about a month or so ago. Damn I wish he would adopt me...all my car fetishes are old aircooled cars that don't nearly as much.

Can't wait till the tech calls me out back to go for the shake-down drive after prepping the car :eek:

NO_H2O June 1st 2004 23:01

destination for both cars was ATL.

boygenius June 2nd 2004 22:00


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
destination for both cars was ATL.

I plan ahead. I decided to have my car shipped up to GA so I can pick it up when I come up at the end of June... :laugh:

Poor Realist June 8th 2004 13:51

Or maybe it was this one. Care to bid? Yeah, obviously no relation to seller.

Panelfantastic June 9th 2004 10:42

I guess I have simpler fantasies, I would get a kick out of just getting to see one in person. That ain't gonna happen in this part of the world.

boygenius June 9th 2004 20:09

I like the payment calculator... :laugh:

Nice easy payments of $10,000 a month... :eek:

justdubbin June 12th 2004 07:48

Look at the counter... it's had over 6,000 hits and it's still got 5 days to go.
Very nice .... if only I won the Lotto :rolleyes:


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