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TOW74 June 19th 2005 13:33

Custom Exhaust?
What's up Everyone?

Has anyone out there ever mad your own custom exhaust for a type 4 or type 1 motor. If so please post some pics and let us know what type of pipe bender you used. Thanks, TOW74,

barls June 20th 2005 04:20

heres mine on my 2L t4 thats in my sbug. i started with shortened kombi heater boxes which attaches to a modified kombi extractor which has been adjusted to fit and finishes in a tuck away exhaust. the whole system is 1 5/8".

TOW74 June 20th 2005 10:52

barls, That's cool, what type of bender did you use? :agree:

TOW74 June 20th 2005 11:03

Come on guy's and girls, I know there is more than one creative VW exhaust maker out there. Give someone the inspiration to be creative just like you. More pics please. Thanks, TOW74, Peace!

starmember June 20th 2005 16:29

sorry i have a plan for a bi-turbo exhaust but i think you have 2 wait for long time for pictures :laugh:

Dasdubber June 20th 2005 18:15

I did not make this system (paid a professional to do it)...but here are a few pics:

This link to an album has lots of pics of the system:

TOW74 June 20th 2005 23:11

What's guys?

All of the custom exhaust are sweet so far. "KEEP THE PICS COMING!"

Thanks, TOW74, Peace!

barls June 21st 2005 02:37

i got the pipes bent by a muffler place just went in with a bit of wire the shape i wanted then welded it up my self. im currently redoing the whole car so the exhaust will be changed to a twin muffler setup with one for each side but it will be a while before i start on it cause ive got to rebuild the motor before hand.

Schmuck69 June 23rd 2005 17:46

I have a couple of type-4 exhaust pictures listed here on my website.


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