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Uber Affe October 16th 2006 01:07

New pics..OLD car..SCHWEEEEET!!!!
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Wheels ARE ON!
Kumho Ecstas....mmmmm....gooood.
205/50R-15 86h rear
195/50R-15 82h front

All under stock fenders and lowered like a pair of panties.

See pix!!
Also..What do I do with that pesky heater bendy tube!?

AND.....I Finally got a name for her.

I wanted the whole Bond w/ a vw

Miss Money Penny...or just Money Penny.
like it? well? eh?

ccain529 October 16th 2006 10:05

Looks SCHWEET!!!!

OldeFahrt October 16th 2006 20:44

Is this a joke?
Loosen the clamp and take it off. Hide it in your garage for when you want heat again. Do the other side too. Cover the holes that are left behind. You don't want moisture or rodents in there do ya? I used a beer can and a hose clamp.

bt1211 October 16th 2006 23:10

Someone told me you can put a spray paint cap over it.
I havent tried it yet but FYI

(After you remove the hose)

Uber Affe October 16th 2006 23:26

Nope...not a joke, but it is funny in a stupid way.
I actually took it off the other side and gave it to my dad, but it was kinda incidental...I was working on something else at the time and just forgot about it 'til I noticed it in the picture when I got it on photoshop.
Then I thought "What the hell is THAT doing there!?" FYI
As for what to do with it. I got J-pipes and I live in San Antonio, Texas. So I'll likely NEVER need it.

I like the Spray can Idea...

I think I have some caps laying around so I'll try that.
Let ya know if it works. I'm kinda scatter brained so here's hoping I remember why I'm under the car in the first place!

Thanks all for the replies.

Uber Affe October 17th 2006 00:34

Well...I tried out that spray can cap thing.


It's like they were made for that purpose!?

I slipped the rubber ring back on them snug as a bug (DUR!!)

Thanks for the tip.

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