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hybrid_john November 28th 2003 03:53

Well you guys it's time for me to put the body back on the pan.:(

See heres the deal, I still haven't gotten any pictures of my car as of yet( and am really working on it, soon very soon ), and am still living with my girlfreinds parents (OK, it's a little embarrasing, so don't make any smart cracks at that one!:o )and am currently using there garage to work on my car. Well I had to tak out some of her dads wood working stuff to fit the pan in there. Well today it started to snow, so I had to put the pan back on and move my car out and his tools back in... so the resto-work has come to a halt for now... maybe I can talk him in to re-arranging the garage or some thing so I can fit the pan back in there, because the winter time is the best time to work on a car....

This really sucks, but I'll see what I can do...

stay tuned!


NO_H2O November 28th 2003 06:32

Best time for woodwroking too. I'm moving my wood shop into another area of my basement now. My car has taken over the shop area. But moving the wood shop means a 230 volt sub panel, outlets(230 and 115), drop cords(115), lights. I have that all done this weekend I have to pumb some air(compresed) over there qand build a long bench for the chop saw and radial arm saw. Then a clamp rack and move the table saw, planer and jointer. Did I mention I would like to build a dust collection system.

hybrid_john November 28th 2003 16:28

Sounds like you got your spare time all racked up, I wish I could be doing something like that, other than laying around the house and watching the snow fall on my car:crying:

Oh well, its my fault my car is out in the snow, I never even asked her dad if I could leave it in there to work on, so I just figured that he would rather have his stuff in the garage. I haven't got around talking to him about it yet, but I'll do that soon and see what he says. Other wise it looks like I'm gonna have a very cold restoration period ahead of me. Just because the body is back on the pan and it's outside, doesn't mean I'm not gonna stop working on it, I'll just be a little bit frozen by the time spring comes around...:D :silly:


NO_H2O November 28th 2003 17:07

You could put the body under "The Big Top" (a tent) and rent a storage stall (heated) that the pan will fit in.

hybrid_john November 29th 2003 13:09

A storage stall...I never thought about that. There are a couple of storage facilities around my area, but I don't know how many of them are heated? And I don't know how much they will cost either, because money is a big factor here, I'd also need one with electricity, I'm gonna need some of my sanders and grinders....and don't forget my Dremel, cant leave that out, it's a life saver...

But thanx for the advice H20, it's a really good idea, I'll check up on that in this next week when I get some spare time. I'll let you know how it turns out!


ShApE November 29th 2003 14:36

my friend is renting out a storage unit and using it as his garage. it's really big too and its like a jiffy lube inside.really cool.

boygenius November 29th 2003 17:19

My 10ft x 10ft storage unit costs me $74.00 a month but it's not heated or air conditioned. Thats where most of my car is right now.The plus side is that they spray for bugs once a month so there are no nasty surprises in my seats when I go to use them. Some places won't let you work on your car on the property, only store it. Make sure of that before you sign the storage contract. Got another idea, what about a small pole barn on the property. If there is room for it you could set one up for the winter. It might cost a little more at first but you won't have any rent to pay. Besides with your car closer to you you'll have more time to work on it.;)

NO_H2O November 29th 2003 17:26

I worked with a band that used one for a practice space, I helped them set it up. It had power, heat and air.

hybrid_john November 29th 2003 22:50

Man these all sound really nice, but I live in a small town 300-600 miles from the closest city in each direction, there are only two rent lots in the area, and I'll check them both out on Monday and ask about the whole deal, I just hope that one of them will let me work on the car.... WISH ME LUCK !!!!!



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