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Supa Ninja May 17th 2004 18:26

Sacramento Bug-O-Rama May 30th
It's that time again, time for us volks addicts on the west coast to gather together and be surrounded by one of our favorite things...Volkswagens! It's lookn like i'll be camp'n for sure this year with some of my friends in the pit area Saturday night. Sunday will be the usual...huge swap meet, 1/4 mi drags, and bikkini contest. The word on the street is that it will be hot as hell there once again. I'll either be rollin in the 14 or the Ninja depending how much I feel like washing the bike afterwards. IM or email me and i'll drop you my number if you want.


zen May 17th 2004 20:14

hey supa. i'm actually going to make it out there. i will be in San Diego all week and then driving up to BOR Saturday and doing the show on Sunday then a red eye back to GA. hunt me down. not sure whay i will be wearing. probably a black hat (otherwise bald and i'm guessing that is a bad idea there) and maybe i will wear either my VKG shirt or a Raby's Aircooled Technology shirt (trying to make it easy to find me).

hope to see you there. i'm really looking forward to seeing how the left coast does it in person.

super vw May 17th 2004 22:17

I think im going, I have a friend who has an oval that hes going to drag (all out drag oval, not street).
The only thing keeping me from saying HELL YEAH IM GOING is that there is a bike race the same day (I race Cross Country mountin bikes, I got 2nd in my state for my class last year) so i kinda want and NEED to attend both, but can only choose one :(

Is this swap meet a good one? i have never been to sacramento before, let alone cali, the swap meet is my "NEED" to go;).

If i go we should all meet up! To say hey and all ;).


Supa Ninja May 18th 2004 02:00

Zen, i'll be on the look out for a bald guy wearing a VKG or RAT shirt, I most likely will be wearing a black wife beater so i can show off my VW tatt on my shoulder blade, I too am bald but i might be wearing a hat depends on how hot it gets. Don't be afraid to call me supa ninja cause thats my nickname anyways. There is zero shade at the raceway.
Jonathan, the swap meet is the largest in Nothern Cali, I always find good stuff for cheap. The GL stuff is slowing creeping into it, 944/914 bits, maybe some 911/914 gauges. Of course the super beetle stuff goes for cheap cause most people out here dispise them.
I wish my 1302 GL was road worthy so I can turn a few heads and maybe open some eye's. Just keep a look out for a white 914 on black rims or a black ninja in the pits.


zen May 19th 2004 08:34

wonder if i can get swap meet stuff in my carry-on? :D

Supa Ninja May 24th 2004 20:06

Here's the official info on the event.

super vw May 25th 2004 00:06

Well so far it looks like im going... I should drive my Audi 4000 Quattro down :D, only problem with that is i cant take large items like fenders and bumpers back home :(... so maybe now :P

maybe we should figure out a place to meet up at? Im thinking i should put on my Porsche shirt that says 911 on the front (says 911 on the whole front in large print) then it has a clip of the rear end of a carrera RS ducktail (white with red logo and Fuchs)... that way i can be found easy :D.


thomas_niji May 25th 2004 02:53

i am gonna go too!! i dunno what i am gonna wear yet....but probably nothing related to VWs.... no VW shirt.... :( (i will try to score 1 or 2 in bugorama though :laugh:

in fact it's my first time there...... ain't i nervous :laugh:

anyway, when i see any GL VWs i would be going around it so much that i would feel dizzy...... so if you see an asian guy that would be puking around a GL that would be me :laugh:

see you there,


boygenius May 25th 2004 19:37


Originally Posted by thomas_niji
when i see any GL VWs i would be going around it so much that i would feel dizzy...... so if you see an asian guy that would be puking around a GL that would be me :laugh:

see you there,


Take some dramamine. :laugh: :laugh:

Supa Ninja May 27th 2004 20:37

Here's what the is saying about Sunday's weather...

Sunday (24 hours): Abundant sunshine. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the mid 50s.

So it should be a nice day weatherwise, but remember zero shade. I hope to see you guys their.


super vw May 27th 2004 20:43

Sweet! Im going ;)

Look for a tall and lanky(as some have discribed) teenager lost and wondering around helplessly looking for parts and at neat cars :D

zen May 28th 2004 14:18

i'm on. heading up tomorrow. staying at the Marriot on Saturday night.

i will be wearing my black and white VKG shirt and a black Superman hat. hope to hook up with you guys. doh, and i just remembered that i forgot to bring VKG cards with me. what a dumba$$ i am jokes.

Supa Ninja May 28th 2004 19:08

Ha, ha. You got my cell number, I'll be on the look out for a ninja in a VKG shirt rocking a superman hat. You got my cell #, don't be hesitant to use it.
Doesn't look like I'll be camping but I'll definitely be there first thing in the morning. I'm still going to be wearing a black wife beater, VW tatt on shoulder blade, bald head w/red gottee.


Supa Ninja May 30th 2004 23:19

I got a quick reveiw of BOR #53:

I arrived at the gates at 8am, since me and my friends know the guys who run the show we got a good discount for addmission. I wasn't aware of how inexpensive shows are back East, anyways they are a arm and a leg out here. First off I noticed the swapmeet was bigger then I had ever seen it, so I did my walk through. I scored a couple of parts for the 914. At 9 my buddy with a early bug(white with white sidewalls) got ready to drag his bug. His two runs were in the 13.5's, thats not bad considering he didn't get to run any test and tune runs. I missed the big crash, luckily the driver was alright. The goldish/silver oval with the large TIV w/turbo and twists in the front and fuchs with slicks on the rear ran a 11.5, he seems to be driving it a lot better, in the past when the turbo would kick in it would start fishtailing in the first three gears and he was only get mid 15's.
The carshow was alright, my favorite was a late model fastback, it was silver with twists. I wonder if that was Shad Laws old ride? 2.0L Type IV, AC, cruise control, power everything, very clean GL.
I got to meet SuperVW, VWill'n, and Zen. So I got to talk some GL, since my VW friends are still into callook and resto, and they think i'm a retard for "wasting" all this time and money on a superbeetle. I never found thomas niji, oh well next time in September.
Aside from the sunburn, I had a good time. Overall it was one of my favorite BOR's. It would have been better if I could have unveiled the Supa in full GL trim. It will happen, I jus have a lot of work ahead of me still. Thanks.


super vw May 31st 2004 13:34

Yeah, it was cool meeting you guys! We had our friend Blake (hes a porsche tech) draging with his oval (red/rust color, speedwell logos). he lost by a hair i think, but he pulled some of his best times yesterday (11 somthing) so it was a good day with that alone.
All of us got some great deals in the swap, we got to the show on saturday so we were out there when the first swapers/venders started to set up and found some early deals. even more people came on sunday and found even more great deals.
The "show" was alright to me. there was a few NICE cars (trailer-Q's) and some trashy cal-look cars aswell. Like super ninja was saying, that fastback was SICK! nothing to extreme but very clean and well done.
There was also a nice giha with early 944 brakes and fuch's i liked a lot, aswell as a orange thing with fuchs (color matched centers to body). not a lot of "Germanlook" style cars... but hey its cali and the cal-look is STILL whats up.
But hey... is it me or does it seam like all the call-look show cars have a low quality build to them, like all the cheap chrome, half assed body work, stuff like that.
I just cant wait to see more GL cars in the shows to blow everyones minds!

Over all i had a good time, got some good deals and had fun, and met some of you it was worth the 7-8 hour drive :D


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