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massIVe 79 vert April 16th 2006 12:27

Update on the MassIVe 79 vert

Here's a view of the front windshield install.....Man what a PITA that was at 1am!

Here's the rear window install....part two! After the fiasco with the first attempt at painting the frames black, we decided to have them re-chromed. The silver paint is so bright that the chrome almost looks body color anyway :agree:

massIVe 79 vert April 16th 2006 12:28

And here's a glimpse of the silver carbon fiber inserts for the dash :D

Here's the photo bucket link for anyone that wants to see more pics :)

The read only password to view this album is: Guest

Massive Type IV April 16th 2006 12:54


She owes me...

Lazarus April 16th 2006 20:40

nice. in no time at all you will be show n shining away. just think all those hours wasting away getting it just perfect so someone can come by and put thier hands all over it,or make some comment about porsche wheels on a bug, or in seiverville it can rain allday on it. btw yes jake i would say she is in deep debt :agree: .

NO_H2O April 16th 2006 22:51

She "does his books" so they are probly even. :laugh:
Looking sweet y'all.

wrenchnride247 April 16th 2006 23:03

Beth, bug windshields are a PITA anytime of the day, or night!

massIVe 79 vert April 25th 2006 13:40

Back from Line X
The vert just came back to Jake's on the rollback after being at the Line X Shop for a week or so. Here's some pics.....

Look close and you'll see the MassIVe logo! ;)

massIVe 79 vert April 25th 2006 13:44

A Few More....

Panelfantastic April 25th 2006 13:53

Cannot wait to see the finished pics of your ride! With Jake's attention to detail and your influence on the style (not that Jake doesn't have his own certain "style" :D ), gonna be awesome!

Hey, does the linex stuff add any real weight? have a buddy that had his jeep done and was going on and on about all the extra weight it added... :confused: ??? He seemed convinced so I didn't argue, but really, it's a thin rubberized coating. Whats a couple pounds for the great benefits you get? (not really directed at you Beth, just anyone who was familiar with the stuff).


massIVe 79 vert April 25th 2006 15:42

Thanks Panel! I think Jake and I have made a pretty good team during this whole build-up process.

Now, about the Line-X adding weight. Yes, it does add some weight.....though I'm not really sure how much. Of course, the vert weighs a friggin ton anyway. But, when you guys see what's under the decklid, you'll understand why a little extra weight won't really matter :raiseroof

NO_H2O April 25th 2006 17:30

Looks great. The sound damping effect will be good too. :agree:

Massive Type IV April 25th 2006 20:03

The line- X added about 50 pounds to the car, but we are not concerned with this car being a little "Heavy". Beth is going to drive the car as a primary vehicle, so it's important that it's quiet as possible inside and the Line -X is certainly very good at that! I had them lay it on very thick in the rear of the cabin and in the engine bay and another heavy does in the floor pans.

She'll have a ton of power to spare, even with the added weight...

Wait till you see what we have up our sleeves for this baby!

wrenchnride247 April 25th 2006 21:51

Looking sweeeeet! :D

Pillow April 25th 2006 22:19

Looking real good! I like the line-x.

I am sure power will be no problem. :)

Massive Type IV April 25th 2006 23:11

Yeah, its not bad for a daily driver!

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