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TSAF February 26th 2007 12:21

heated 1303 windscreen
Hey I am looking for a heated 1303 windscreen. If anyone knows something please reply to my thread.


Steve C February 26th 2007 18:39


There was one for sale here or SBO some time ago.


SuperRSi February 27th 2007 02:53

I have looked for one for years! I have been told by many UK windshield companies out of UK bug magazines that they were never made. If you find one, please post where to buy one. I live high up in Santa Fe now and have lots of snow and ice. Good luck on finding us one, uh, at least two.


volksdragon May 14th 2007 14:56

or 3

i'm pretty sure your right that a 1303 version was never produced only flat winsheilds

oasis May 15th 2007 08:07

I love learning something new. Could someone post a photo of an existing one? Did they work similarly as the rear window defroster?

volksdragon May 15th 2007 15:17

part # 111-845-101/D/HEAT


Heated Front Windscreens
Laminated glass made especially for VW Heritage

Type1, 1964 onwards
Windscreen,front,HEATED, 8/64- 15amps £ 199.95

oasis May 16th 2007 08:35

Very cool. :agree: :agree: ... although if it takes four refugees from the Home & Garden Channel to carry it, I bet it is a tough install. ;)

Thanks. :)

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