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oasis October 14th 2008 18:02

quick release front seat?
Let me try a front seat question ... the aftermarket seats I see are all to be installed on an existing track. I am thinking my next project may not have a rear seat. I was also thinking about the limited amount of time I would need a passenger seat.

Does anyone know of a way to make the removal the passenger seat very simple even if it is in a fixed position when installed?

Obviously, I want it to be secure and safe when using the seat. And taking the front seat out of my '71 Super was not as simple as some led me to believe with either the stock seats or the aftermarket seats; and getting them back in was even more difficult -- even for the upholstery shop I had to visit the second time.

NO_H2O October 14th 2008 21:01

I have a plan for you. Give me a call.

oasis October 15th 2008 07:53

Will do ...

evilC October 17th 2008 08:23


Originally Posted by oasis (Post 67951)
Will do ...

That's not fair!! Now we'll never know how the story ended:(


moonska October 20th 2008 13:53

I wouldnt mind a little insight into this aswell, if there is a good, safe way id be very interested in doing it aswell :)
Plz Share! :lmao:

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