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thomas07056 February 27th 2011 10:08

German Race Bug
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Hello Friends,

i want to show you my race bug, me and also 2 friends drive with our bugs on racecircuits we drive in an austrian racefield called Also you can take a look at our homepage In this winter we installed air jacks in the car. Also we put new transmission gears in the porsche 915 gear box the first gear will be now till 90 km/h at 7500 rpm. The engine is an typ4 2,8l OHC engine with 270PS.

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Wally February 27th 2011 11:18

Hi Thomas,

Nice to see you here!
Was great fun last year running with you guys at Spa-francorchamp. Pity we have to wait another year for it to return.


MarnixGSR February 27th 2011 11:19

Give us some pics from your OHC engine...please! :cool:

thomas07056 February 27th 2011 11:39

OHC Engine
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Here the engine on rolf holzapfels dyno, much more pictures on our homepage, hello walter was so super days in spa. We have much fun on this great racetrack. We all bugdrivers from the boxergasse will be back when the next bugshow is in spa.

Xellex February 27th 2011 19:14

hi Thomas, nice to have you here!
I had the chance to see your bug live last year at spa, and all I can say is wow!

judgie February 28th 2011 04:45

nice cars and a great site.
I see on one of the cars you run a tension strut on the front suspension, how much of a improvment did you see with this? I'm thinking of going to a compresion strut on the front but have only seen tension struts on the front of the strut front suspension on a beetle.

thomas07056 February 28th 2011 06:48

front suspension
Hello judgie,

sorry my english is not so good to answer you. the front suspension is complet build by me, to drive with tension strut ist much more better than original version. the car is completly with uniball. it drives very famous.


70Turbobug February 28th 2011 07:34

Hi Thomas! Great car and I love your website aswell! Hope to see it someday in person!

NO_H2O February 28th 2011 08:48

Very nice work. Very impressive, Welcome.

al_kaholik February 28th 2011 10:15

Wow. Amazing car. Air jacks are very cool.

90kph in first gear is mad!

Sandeep February 28th 2011 11:04

Welcome Thomas.

Very impressive car indeed. is one of my favorite sites and I often use google translator to understand the information presented.

I have questions regarding the front suspension set up of the 1200 Kafers, but that is for another thread.

Thanks for posting pictures of your car.


Steve C February 28th 2011 18:53


Originally Posted by thomas07056 (Post 79827)
Hello judgie,

sorry my english is not so good to answer you.


We all understand fast VW talk, its our universal language, love your work.

wrenchnride247 February 28th 2011 21:05

Very nice!!! :D Welcome to the GL site!

chug_A_bug March 1st 2011 02:14

WOW great looking car...and air jacks to boot ;)


SilverBullet March 3rd 2011 04:53

Wow! Hope to see more of your work and car!

thomas07056 March 6th 2011 10:57

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this weekend i made the new under floor coverings for the bug the old one was broken. the painter did his work so i can mount the new fenders, front spoiler and front hood on the car. so the race bug looks much more better than last year. i hope that last parts for the gear box come soon in house that we can complete it. the first race is on 16.april on red bull racecircuit in spielberg. the time runs very fast and next week comes the 1303rs bug from christian stelzer to me to make an better front suspension in his bug.


Wally March 6th 2011 11:17

Cool! That under tray looks vaguely familiar to mine ;)

I see you're showing off you hydraulic lift / 'Hebesystem' nicht? :D

thomas07056 April 9th 2011 13:35

Ready to Race
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Hello Friends the racebug is complete ready for the first run at 16.4.2011 on the new red bull a1 racetrack in spielberg. on friday we had 2 dyno-runs with the beetle to controll, couse last year we had trouble with the fuel pump, now it"s all ok with the new porsche 964 pump. so we hope that the two ohc bugs runs well.


volkdent April 9th 2011 23:39

She's too pretty to race!!! Hey, do you know much about the development of the rear wing you run? Was there any wind tunnel testing? What is your feel about the difference it makes?


thomas07056 April 10th 2011 04:23

Hello jason,

the rear spoiler is not tested in an wind tunnel. he is build by rolf holzapfel with help from an aerodinamic specialist who works by sauber mercedes. i"ll think the idea and the build from this spoiler is 15 years old. to drive in high speed with this spoiler is much more better than without.


Gerrelt April 10th 2011 05:41

What a great car you got there!

I created a page where I try to explain how such a roofspoiler works. On this page I think I used a picture of your car. Is that allright with you? If not, I'll take it off the page.

See this page: Roofspoiler explanation

It's funny, because I also use some Mercedes pictures to explain it. So there's a link with your story. :)

thomas07056 April 10th 2011 09:25

to use the foto from my car is ok, if you need an other picture say it how you need it ill take it and send it to you.


Gerrelt April 10th 2011 15:23

Thanks Thomas!

This picture is fine.:)

I just had a look at your website, You've got some excellent beetles in your club.

SuperRSi April 22nd 2011 12:29

Is the front oil cooler/bumper/spoiler available to purchase some where?


Rule09 May 12th 2011 18:19

Nice airjacks!
Very nice ride!!
Grtz Roel

thomas07056 June 2nd 2011 08:17

New Shifter
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Hello Friends, this day i put my new shifter in my race bug. So i hope that he works well. Next Race Event in Hockenheim at 17.6. till 19.6.2011.


thomas07056 September 8th 2011 03:49

Hello Friends,

at the weekend 27.8.2011 we drive with 15 Racebugs on racetrack in austria. many pictures from the bugs on our homepage.

NO_H2O September 8th 2011 11:58

Looks like a great event (wet but great). Lots of great pix, thanks for the link.

Tim September 10th 2011 08:32

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Originally Posted by thomas07056 (Post 81660)
Hello Friends,

at the weekend 27.8.2011 we drive with 15 Racebugs on racetrack in austria. many pictures from the bugs on our homepage.

Awesome! I wish I could race against other bugs too in my country. I raced my 1303 against some classic Mini's. I was the only bug in the race.

By the way, those nice front spoilers, fenders..etc on the race bugs in your photos, are they available to buy or home-made?

thomas07056 November 4th 2011 02:22

Hello Friends,

last Trackday this year for us. We drive in Hockenheim at 12.11.2011 with 9 fast race bugs. guests and friends are welcome, free entree.

Wally November 4th 2011 03:06

I hope you have good weather!

Bon chance!

acidjzaz August 31st 2018 02:42

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Well I went down an internet rabbit hole .. trying to track down\ find info on one of my favorite VW 1303s.. Is this your track car? thomas07056

I think it is... and its amazing!!

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