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vujade February 26th 2003 09:45

Going to Geogia
Well guys, I am going to Georgia this weekend.
I will probably leave on Friday Morning & stay the night.
Saturday, Me & Zen are going to see Jake.
If anyone needs any T4 stuff I'll be bringing a van full of parts.

I can't wait to get up there to meet you guys. See ya soon! :)

zen February 26th 2003 10:43

looking forward to it. so you are confirmed on coming right? (don't want to have to clean the house spotless if i don't have too afterall ;)).

lookin' like the weather is going to be very nice. the West GA chapter of SEVWC is meeting out in Tallapoosa that afternoon. if we have the time, maybe we will cruise out there and see the gang and maybe visit my car :) (i miss her). hopefully she comes home soon though.

let me know when you are coming up and what the plans are.

vujade February 26th 2003 10:59

As of right now, I am coming up.
I spoke with Jake this morning via email & he said we should come
up there between 10am - 12pm. He also said he is not going to the Club meeting, he has some chores around his house to do.
I would love to go though.

I asked my boss last nite for his van to haul parts & he said no Problem.

Zen I will probably talk with you on the phone either tonite or tomorrrow.
I will let you know.

I am also looking forward to going up there & meeting everyone!

vujade February 27th 2003 07:40

I will be picking up the van this moring & loading it up this afternoon with all my T4 stuff.

I should be getting on th road tomorrow sometime in the morning before lunch. :)

vujade February 28th 2003 01:25

Almost ready to go.
I will be leaving by 10 or 11 am tomorrow morning :)

Pillow February 28th 2003 17:54

I am free on Sunday if you all want to get together somewhere?

Just give me a shout :)

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