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Jim Andritsakos February 14th 2015 12:30

Porsche & VW transmissions
I have many transmission available for sale :

1985 RoW 915 euro with oil cooler
(can sell w/o oil cooler as does not fit frame horns)
1990 964 C4 G64/00 with LSD
1990 964 C4 G64/00 front diff
1984 911 Turbo 3.3 long with ZF LSD
1991 964 C2 G50/03

Several 1976-9 091 CP code bus 091 six rib in used excellent condition
Several T3 5 speed 094 transmissions

For any details please ask.
I can ship worldwide.

Thank you,

rioprelude August 15th 2015 20:01

Do you have a shortened G50/01 transmission case? I saw your post on another thread, and still have my factory case if you wanted to trade, etc.


Jim Andritsakos December 5th 2017 09:30


I hope you have finish you shortening on your G50 !!
In the rare case you have not finish it yet I do have the bellhousing!

Thanks !

rioprelude December 5th 2017 22:53

I ended up getting it shortened/rebuilt by CMS for $$. It's so beautiful, I hate to modify it for the rear cradle like Wally/Sandeep!

Are you looking to sell yours, or just trade?

Jim Andritsakos December 6th 2017 01:55

Have you find another method for the rear cradle install?
Maybe I can sell it as well , I will keep just the 1-5 gears and the nose cone as the transmission I will use is a G50/52 from an 965 and I would like the shorter NA G50 gears...:)

rioprelude December 7th 2017 17:13

I have a few ideas, but haven't tested them yet. Let me know if you are interested in selling, might be a good backup, etc.

Jim Andritsakos December 10th 2017 17:50

I might selling it , I have too many projects half finished...
Are you interested just for the bellhousing correct ?

PM me if you like.

Thank you,

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