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flat April 15th 2009 13:49

VW Classic 2009. June 12-14th
Hi all,

Some of the boys from up here (Toronto) are heading down for the classic this year. If anyone wants to join the trip you're more than welcome.

Hopefully we meet up with fellow GL'rs down there....just look out for the crowd of Canadians wearing toques and finishing every sentence with eh...


Sandeep April 16th 2009 09:00

Sounds like a cool trip, but the timing is off for me. It's my Dad's 70th on June 15th :cool:

Have fun !


petevw April 26th 2009 21:10

Have a good time at the Classic.


petevw June 17th 2009 23:38

So......... how was The Classic?

fast Ed June 18th 2009 13:15

Yeah, where are the pics??? :D

Ed N.

gonebuggy June 18th 2009 15:51

Shortly boys!

I got some pics and vids to share.


zen June 18th 2009 17:17

Add them to the new album feature on this site if you can. Just click All Albums on the top menu bar. Looking forward to them.

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