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Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 16:29

SleepAIR Build Thread
Hi guys,

After 10 years I've decided to sell my standard and start a new project with a super. My aim is a fast road car with stock(ish) look and detailed engineering.

Since I couldn't locate a r&p 1303 I decided to go oldschool and build a retro flavoured 1302. Finally I could swap my previous car for a '72 Marinablue there you go, before-after pictures..


After :D

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 16:42

Car was in accapetable shape, but nothing more. Was driven daily.

Let's see what is on the road..

It had MOT till end of 2011, so I made a few short trip, then it was time to start working..(September, 2011)

There are weak points, but body seems healthy, and most importantly have not been wrecked! Not bad from a 40-year-old car.

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 16:53

Body prepared to come off


Not the best pan ever..but the frame head was changed to a newer one, it is still OK. (Note the original tow hook..not common these days)

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 17:11

The next step was Sandblasting..

..than primer:

Few days later the body came back as well:

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 17:18

More or less what I expected.

Left quater was demaged (nothing else) and poorly repaired

Towers are a bit... there are no towers

Otherwise it's not too bad.

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 17:48

The Body Shop

October, 2011 - bodywork began.

I was storngly thinking to save more money and buy the complete front panels, but decided to go with just the repairs as they should be as strong or stronger than the aftermarket complete ones. Not my favourite picture.

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 18:08

My buddy sent me a picture of the car and a girl with 3 legs :lmao:

Well, I was always a big fan of sunroofs so it was predictable that the car should have one. I managed to find a perfect example, rust free and fully working.

Instead of cutting off the original and welding the new one, or cutting just the sunroof into the original roof (as we did on the yellow car and worked perfect) I've chosen the 3rd option

so structurally all the pillars and the roof remained original. Turned out well I think.

It's glue inside, no rust.

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 18:18

Till January 2012 nothing happened than finally the pan was almost ready.

Was missing only the upper side, when I came up with an idea: a colore matched tunnel would look fine (planning no or few carpets inside). But, hey what color will the car be?:confused:

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 18:36

So I had to find out the color ASAP..not an easy decision. After checking (nearly) all the factory Porsche and VW colors I decided to choose from the original ones to make the car as authentic as possible (thus keeping the value...seems I'm getting older or don't know)

For the 8/1971 - 7/1972 model year the following colors were available:

Texas Yellow / Texasgelb (L10B),

Brilliant Orange / Leuchtorange (L20B),

Kasan Red / Kasanrot (L30B),

Black / Schwartz (L41),

Gentian Blue / Enzianblau (L51B),

Marina Blue / Marinablau (L54D),

Sumatra Green / Sumatragrün (L61B),

Pastel White / Pastellweiß (L90D),

Kansas Beige (L91D),

Turquoise Metallic / Türkismetallic (L95B),

Silver Metallic / Silbermetallic (L96D),

Gemini Metallic (blue, L96E),

Colorado Metallic (red, L97D).

+ the special editions like the Marathon Beetle/Baja Champion SE - Marathon Metallic (silver, blue L96M); Cabrio and Jubilee models (20th million edition) -Saturn Yellow (L13M) except USA and Europe "May Beetle" editions, that were available in Saturn Yellow (L13M), Blood Orange (L21E) and Willow Green (L63K).

Since it is going to be a summer car it should be light & some others were out of my taste. I kept Marathon Blue (you know Christian Stelzer's ethalon), Turquoise and Silver Metallic plus the original Marina Blue and Kasan Red. Than I realized that an 1302 have to be built in oldschool so Marina Blue and Kasan Red final arrived. MB is quite rare in the GL scene and it was the original color of my car, while the KR is more sporty, looks better with chrome and it was a one year color for Beetles as far as I know.

Being different is cool, a 2 year only car in a 1 year only color is a ticket to this, so the winner is Kasan Red L30B.

Bogara_ZO July 14th 2012 18:48

Since I knew the color, the pan could be finished. (April, 2012)

However it's an interesting color (not so red but somwhere between red and orange) the pictures don't show it well, it seems more orange than it is (maybe the lights + cell phone).

Actually I'm not sure about the tunnel, but let's wait it. If I don't like it than comes carpet :)

There are things to do till body gets painted.

Xellex July 14th 2012 19:50

Cool project! Keep the pics coming :-D

Birdman69 July 15th 2012 02:59

Nice, I would love to see some detailed pics of you unpicking the roof seams?

Bogara_ZO July 15th 2012 03:40


Originally Posted by Xellex (Post 84285)
Cool project! Keep the pics coming :-D

Thanks mate, hope we will see each others car once it will be ready (ext year I guess) :cool:


Originally Posted by Birdman69 (Post 84289)
Nice, I would love to see some detailed pics of you unpicking the roof seams?

Sorry, have no pics of it.

May, 2011 was about preparing the body and after a LOT of work it was ready to go to the painter, a friend of mine.

After an other 3 days (0-24) of detailing

Sealing (correct word here?) like 40 years ago

Let's do it

Bogara_ZO July 15th 2012 03:48

Before getting the clear coat. Cell phone pics again :-/

Blizzard July 15th 2012 04:05

I have a '73 1303 witch is original Kasan Red so I think it was a color for '72 and '73 models.

Do you know this 1302 from Gerd Weiser? it's also Kasan Red.

Good choice on color:goodjob: Even the smilie agrees.

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