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Supa Ninja August 19th 2004 09:32

Sacramento Bug-O-Rama 54
It's that time again, time for BOR. The date is Sept 5th at the Sac Raceway. I'll post a link to the website later. Hopefully Bill K will have his ride together in time.


davygrvy August 19th 2004 10:49

I hope Bill K. is ready. We have tentative plans to put our bugs head to head. :agree:

zen August 19th 2004 12:07

That'll be sweet!

Take pics at the event so we can have some show coverage on here. I didn't get an drag pics last time. Wish I could be there. Oh, bikini contest shots welcome. :D

Bill K. August 19th 2004 17:59

I'll be there with the car 'ready' or not... Note to self: remember the montra.

super vw August 20th 2004 00:50

ditto on the pics... for us that cant make it.

Wish i could go, its a long drive for us and we dont have the time.
to bad to, we just got a 73 Thing (in exelent condition) and would love to take it down to stick in the show, its all stock and original but its still totaly cool! Im trying to get my father to lower it and stick on some Fuchs or somthing and stick a type-4 in :D but i dont think it will happen as its to nice to change.


Bill K. August 20th 2004 10:24

Exciting Thing - got pictures of it?

I'll bring my camera for show cars, burnouts, and lo mile pit muffies.

zen August 20th 2004 21:43

looks like i am headed to San Fran 10/6-8. anything going on that weekend?

would love to hook up with you guys. bill better be giving me a ride by then. :D

Bill K. August 20th 2004 23:03

I'll be around that weekend doing the Mr Mom thing while my wife is away. You're welcome to visit and go for a zoom into the foothills. Let me know and I'll setup a sitter for a few hours.

Supa Ninja August 29th 2004 00:10

Just a friendly reminder, BOR is just one week away. Bill I'm real sorry for not giving you a hand with your bug. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and they have been taking up most of my waking time. Anybody thinkn about camping in the pits next Saturday?
Zen we should all get together while you are in town. If you guys want to know some good roads in the foothills, i.e. twisties, twisties, and more twisties...I can help on that. :)

zen August 29th 2004 12:53

yes we should. booked my flight last week and i will be flying out late saturday night. so i have all friday afternoon and all day saturday to play. that is the 8th and 9th of October.

Bill K. September 5th 2004 00:17

I'm out of rama. Engine problems... :bawling: more later. Taking a break for a while

NO_H2O September 5th 2004 07:00

That sux. I have been following your progress. You have done alot in a short time. Step back and take a deep breath. Then map your recovery.

zen September 5th 2004 09:15

that sux. can safely say i know how you feel though. i had my breather and went a little too long and now has me pushing to make a show and just to have it back on the road again. have to keep reminding myself not to push it too fast.

you didn't have SCAT lifters did you? :bawling:

Supa Ninja September 5th 2004 10:00

Bill next Rama it will be done and in perfect shape. If you end up going to BOR give me a call and I'll hang out with you again.


volkdent September 6th 2004 19:36

I learned a bit ago not to do the 2nd B'oR. If anyone who went is not too crispy, let us know how it was. Save up your energy and go to the spring one.


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