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TOW74 May 5th 2006 11:34

Turn signals
Is there anyone out there using early turn signals on there superbeetle instead of the super factory signals? I would like to use a set on my super cabrio , but I needed some info first. Thanks, P.S. "pictures if possible"

wrenchnride247 May 5th 2006 12:41

Look in the new Hotvws. There is a perfect example of a orange GL SB using early front turn signals. The rears are the new flush mount type lenses for mid'73 and later Bugs.

Steve C May 5th 2006 21:11


I really like the look of clean fender tops with the indicators located in the front bumper.


oasis May 5th 2006 23:46

In the likes/dislikes department, I really don't have many dislikes. Most styles can look good if coordinated with the rest of the car's theme.

Having said that, however, I have a strong liking for the bullet turn signals on US-spec Beetles circa 1955-57. I have tried to visualize having it done on a Super but I always come up empty because of the shape of the early standard fender versus that of a Super.

Oh well.

crickitobs July 6th 2006 23:07

The Pirate September 5th 2006 00:54

Simple Oasis just fit an early fender to a super.

I myself am designing a set of signals that pop up out of the fenders. Kinda like semaphores.

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