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Sortino August 29th 2008 16:33

Dash - Gauge Panel - Wanted
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Hi friends,
Can anyone help me to find out the Gauge panel as shown below ?
Any idea where I could find those to buy ?
They will be installed in my brazilian 1996 Beetle.
thanks a lot,

zeroaxe September 1st 2008 07:29

Slightly off topic.... But those speaker panels looks realy nice! Do you have any build-info about them(like pics etc)?

Sortino September 1st 2008 16:04

Sorry, but unfortunately I do not know anything about them.
This Dash has been a two years challenge...

Xellex September 1st 2008 19:32

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I'm pretty sure you will not find what you're looking for, ready made for installing in your bug. You have to take your own speedometer to a specialist (tachometers specialist) and have it modified to go to 200Km/h. After that you have to print out a new "face" for that gauge. It can be stock looking like in your picture or whatever you like.

That's what a friend of mine modified his like:

AIRSICK September 1st 2008 20:07

I have one like that but in a different configuration. Mine has two small pods on the left and one on the right of the Spedo hole.

I alos have a guage panel and glove box door with one large hole and two small holes on the left and two small holes on the right of the speedo.

I will try to take pictures tonight and post them.

Kafer_Mike September 4th 2008 15:24

Those "billet" panels (guage, radio, and glovebox) were pretty common a couple years back. Not sure who still carries them... :confused:

Sortino September 8th 2008 08:19

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Finally I found it.
I've spoken to a guy on Mexico that has a VW Bugs store and he has some of this speedometer brand new and ready for delivery. It is a 120mm and has the signals and the fuel gauge inside.
About the panel I will make one with a person that has the CNC machine and used to work for a F1 Team at the 80's.
I will post the pictures whenever it's done.

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