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-Alex- January 21st 2018 08:57

Billet Type 1 / WBX pcd 4" bore head for sale
Thorsten Pieper Billet heads 4" bore

-12mm H7 intake guide holes and 13mm H7 exhaust guide holes

-Head bore 110,3mm - standard for 101.6 cylinders (head bore was 108mm at stock for 100mm bore cylinders)

-20mm taller fins at top

-10 main fins

-D style exhaust port

-dual sparkplugs (NGK C8E ja D8EA)

-About 55cc chambers

-WBX headstud 88x83

-Superflo / CB competition eliminator / MS230 intake manifolds fit

-Standard +44mm exhaust header fits

-Recommended valve lenght 112mm to 117mm

-Recommended intake valve 46-50mm

-Recommended exhaust valve 37-40mm

-Stock style valvecovers and standard ratio rockes fit

-Includes Scat Type 4 13mm OD exhaust guides

1800 / pair + shipping

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