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graham March 21st 2013 18:30

My attempt at building GL beetle
Hi Ive been on this site for ages, posting,snooping,admiring,researching and basically getting inspired and learning all about this GL tuning style.I would like say a massive THANKS in advance all the members on here that have given me help and advise over the years and kept me inspired by your builds and creative talents,huge respect fellas.The GL style is by far the most interesting for me as the Cal Look thing to me is old hat.I love the idea of adding big engines with tons of power,big brakes and good handling.Having an old beetle with modern perfomance to me is just the ultimate car to own.:cool::cool::cool::cool:Sadly its taken me years to get mine sorted and I aint finished yet, but I know I will have it sorted one day.

So I thought it was about time I started putting a build thread together even though I have still not finished the car. I have some outstanding problems mainly engine related.Less said about that at the moment the better.:angry:

Anyway here is a pic of my car the day I first saw it prior to buying it.[IMG][/IMG]
A pretty straight never badly crunched 1303

graham March 21st 2013 18:46

My attempt at building GL beetl
the stripdown at Terrys Beetle Services in Ealing London [IMG][/IMG]

Luke at Terrys has done all the bodywork and paint.

The car hiding on the right is a well known car here in the UK called Moody I think it's currently up for sale.


These pics where taken in 2006

graham March 21st 2013 19:00

My attempt at building GL beetle
metal removal time[IMG]~original[/IMG]
[IMG] front removed

Steve C March 22nd 2013 02:59


Can't wait to see more.


NO_H2O March 22nd 2013 07:30

That is a large pile of scrap you took off it. Can't wait to see it go back together.

graham March 22nd 2013 22:34

My attempt at building GL beetle
new door,heater channel and bottom post, i cant remember who makes these bottom posts but they are a very well made panel [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]more replacement panels gone in.I have paid someone to do all of this as unfortunately I dont' have the skills or expertise to do it myself.I feel a bit guilty having a kind of cheque book resto carried out but its taken years to get to where the car is now I would never of been able to carry out work like this without lots of experience so decided it was best left to someone who new why he was doing ( horses for courses and all that )[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

graham March 24th 2013 01:40

few more pics of the replacement panels[IMG][/IMG]

moon vents welded up I wanted to have this done to prevent moisture getting into the rear quarters as they seem to rot badly here and to give the car a cleaner look.I am hoping on creating some kind of ducting/vents under the floor pan to introduce some more air into the engine bay for extra cooling
[IMG][/IMG]more paint removal and trim holes down the side of the car welded up

al_kaholik March 24th 2013 10:44

Looks like they have done a good job there. I went to get a quote for some accident damage a while back and whilst everything they were doing looked to a top standard it was just too much for the other party...

Keep it coming :)

riseabove March 24th 2013 11:34

alot of the same body-mods i have done to my bug. as i am running a wasserboxer in mine im thinking of removing most of the ventilation under the rear window also. just for doing something different. wouldnt recommend it if going aircooled though :)

Humble March 25th 2013 11:38

I give mad respect to anyone who goes through all this body work to get a bug on the streets. I don't know that I would have the patience for it.

graham March 26th 2013 17:44

My attempt at building GL beetle

Originally Posted by Humble (Post 85872)
I give mad respect to anyone who goes through all this body work to get a bug on the streets. I don't know that I would have the patience for it.

Thanks Humble. I got to say this car has tested my patience on soooo many levels.

Your car is one that I have closely followed and now your going scooby I am following your progress once again.Great vids by the way :cool: your car seems to handle brilliantly.

graham March 26th 2013 18:07

My attempt at building GL beetle
few more pics[IMG][/IMG]
Prior to this pic the floor pan and shell where separated and the pan was painted in POR 15 before a final coat of a rubber type spray on protection.Then the first coat of paint was cooked onto the bodywork.

graham April 7th 2013 17:24

My attempt at building GL beetle
After this pic of the car on the trailer the car was taken to a so called Subaru Engine conversion specialist.I didn't have the skills or knowledge to do the installation myself.Unfourtunately they didn't have the skills or knowledge either :angry::angry::angry: this has been a nightmare and the less said about this the better.But lets just say I was not prepared to let them get away with it so I have come down on them like :bricks:

This has now resulted in the engine,gearbox,ecu and all the other **** they fitted being removed.

Paul and his team at type two detectives http://www.type2detectives.comas fitted the Porsche 944 s2 hubs,rear ali arms,four pot calipers, vented disks as well as the Kerscher front and rear anti roll bars and Kerscher front struts.Again these guys where great, Paul who owns the place is an honest bloke and I would highly recommend them.Paul told me that one of his guys was having a tough time with the car and really getting pissed off with it at one point but He sorted it so hats off to him so a massive TA V MUCH FELLA. these parts where cleaned and etailed prior to fitting

Roll cage fitted,this was done by Jim Smith of Cotsweld:notworthy: Jim has done an amazing job of the cage his welding is outstanding. If you are thinking of having a cage built here in the UK Jim's ya man.:cup1: Unfourtunately the pics I had of the car at Cotsweld seemed to have been lost :( so I only have some of the pics of the cage prior to paint.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG]

The cage was built this shape in the rear as I wanted to retain the rear seat.Not sure whats happening now though.

The ali arms where also polished.I have now got LAP rear coilovers ,thanks for all your inspiration Lee

I managed find the wheels and tyres on ebay, these are called Carrera Classics.I wanted these for various reasons.1.I think they suit the ergonomic shape of the beetle 2.they're are reasonably unseen on GL cars I have only seen one other car and 3. they are easy to clean,I can clean the insides without having to remove them.Tyres are Pirelli P Zero's.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] thanks for looking

Birdman69 April 8th 2013 08:49

Looking good G.
Post up a pics of the arm polished please.
Im suprised you went for the super wide versions?

dave forder April 8th 2013 12:43

Making good progress. Love the shot of the rear of the car. There is no shame in paying people to work on your car, as we are not all experts. Looks like you have chosen well with the work you have had done. Good choice of wheels. We will have to catch up at a show.

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