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Steve C October 5th 2009 07:19

My son won his bracket in his GL 1303

Just got back from an all VW 1/8th drag weekend, had to drive about 900ks each way to get there but we won our bracket.

Its a 74 x 90.5=1904cc with some stock valve V Force heads, twin 40 mm Dells, Berg sump etc



Humble October 6th 2009 18:50

Very cool, congrats!

Steve C October 6th 2009 19:35


Thanks, is a stinger considered "GL", might try one next time.


chug_A_bug October 6th 2009 20:41

WAY to GO...


NO_H2O October 6th 2009 23:52

Very cool. Party at your place.

Steve C October 7th 2009 01:03


Thanks, my son is only 17 and hes over the moon, last year at the same event he ran with an almost stock 1600, 1904cc is much more fun.

Hes busy studying for his final year 12 exams now.


Wally October 7th 2009 13:02

Congrats! Well done!

petevw October 8th 2009 13:39

Looks like everyone had a good time. Cool video congrats.

Steve C March 9th 2016 18:07


My bug will be off the road for a while so rather that have have two dead Beetles in garage I've been getting his bug back on the road, I lent him my wheels until he sorts out his own wheels. My bug crashed into my sons bug last year when I didn't put the handbrake on enough. We've fitted the same Aero mudguards as are on my car. Amazingly his car doesn't have the usual offset body like lots of Beetles have where one wheel is close to mudguard edge and the other is a fair bit off.


Flintstones March 10th 2016 07:49


Originally Posted by Steve C (Post 90210)

Looks good in white with the wheels Steve.

Steve C March 10th 2016 07:55

Thanks Dino

Steve C May 23rd 2016 04:32

We got my sons bug back on the road last week, my track wheels fitted better than the other wheels

Gerrelt May 23rd 2016 15:50

Very nice!

Wally May 23rd 2016 16:40


Originally Posted by Gerrelt (Post 90314)
Very nice!


Flintstones May 24th 2016 10:01

I'm sure you son is very happy with his car now :)

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