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Bug-Tech September 2nd 2009 17:30

Hydraulic Clutch in a bug?!
Hi guys,

I saw this thing on

They sell it for buggies... but will it fit into a 1969 beetle?
Any exprerience with this?

I made up my car with a new/old chassis but I forgot to put in a tube for the clutch wire... now I donīt want to cut at the result and thought a hydraulic one might make it...?!

seangfy September 2nd 2009 19:48

it can be done but it requires cutting up the front fire wall check this part out from German auto this may help uses stock pedals the master goes in the tunnel setting this up in my car

evilC September 3rd 2009 07:21

The problem with installing a hydraulic clutch m/c and/or balance bar brake m/cs is that even with special short cylinders the space from the rear of the pedals to the Nap Hat bulkhead is too short. the Dansperformance part pedal box you show has the advantage that you are not confined by the centreline of the pedal pivot so if you don't mind moving the seat back an inch or two you could fit it. You will have to run a new throttle cable within the car but the same applies to the hydraulic clutch line in any case. Personally, I prefer cables and pipes to be readily accessible rather than down in the bowles of the tranny tunnel.

With that Dansperformance pedal set up I would add remote reservoirs as filling those units will be a pain inside a bug cabin.


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